Whether you’re launching a new podcast or revamping an existing one, building your audience is the key to success. Podcast listenership has grown exponentially in recent years, with 41% of Americans ages 12 and up reporting that they listened to a podcast within the last week in 2021, according to the Pew Research Center.

Podcasts are an opportunity to connect with your audience virtually, but holding an in-person event can grow your audience and showcase your brand in new and creative ways. Events like podcast launch parties allow you to connect to your audience on a new level and increase your visibility.

Explore new ways to increase your podcast’s audience through podcast networking events, including launch parties — and learn how Eventbrite can help with promotion and selling tickets. Read on to discover creative ways to promote your podcast with an innovative event. We’ll take a look at how other creators have promoted their shows through podcast networking events.

How Rachel Larraine Crawford used a podcast launch party to build her brand

A podcast launch party allows you to connect with listeners in a more personal way. This event can be an effective way to introduce your community to a new podcast or allow existing listeners to get to know you better. We spoke with Rachel Larraine Crawford from the Bewitching the Home podcast about the in-person events that have allowed her to build her audience.

Bewitching the Home is a podcast focused on holistic design and its influence on the body, mind, and spirit. Crawford welcomes special guests onto her podcast, where they discuss topics like mindfulness, wellness in the home, and sustainability. Crawford explains her motivation for creating the podcast, saying, “I was inspired to create it as a way to serve more people in my community. I had an inner calling to share my expertise with more people and the podcast seemed like the next evolution.”

In an effort to promote her podcast and connect with her listeners, Crawford has used Eventbrite to promote various events. After turning to virtual events in 2020, Crawford has since shifted back to in-person events as a way to continue engaging her audience. In addition to hosting a podcast launch party, Crawford has hosted other events to build her audience. These events relate to topics discussed in her podcast and include topics such as Feng Shui, tarot, crystals, and holistic interior design.

Crawford credits Eventbrite with simplifying this process. “Eventbrite was the platform I used to sell tickets to all my events and has helped immensely with connecting to people I would have otherwise never met. Eventbrite also has been huge with keeping everything extremely organized.”

Crawford partnered with other businesses for her events in order to expand her audience. For her launch event, Crawford welcomed other local businesses, including Paru Tea and Nova Kombucha, that shared similar values and beliefs. Additionally, she worked with Studio Luniste to create promotional videos and photos for the event and capture images at the podcast launch party. Like Crawford, you can find like-minded brands to partner with as an effective way to tap into a podcast audience that you may have not yet reached.

Crawford believes the launch party and other events are an important element of building her brand. “I’m excited to meet new people interested in what I have to offer and looking forward to all the possibilities that are coming my way through this venture. My next steps are to continue to create monthly in-person events and grow my podcast.”

4 tips to plan your podcast event

Let Crawford’s podcast launch party idea serve as inspiration for your own event. Consider these tips as you plan podcast events.

Get to know your target audience

Identify your target audience before you work to grow your podcast. Consider their age and interests when designing your event, and choose an event theme and location based on your audience demographics. For example, if your event is for working moms, consider offering childcare.

Find the right location

When choosing a location, consider where your audience lives. Is your podcast primarily streamed locally, or do you have a national or international audience? While many platforms offer analytics to shed light on questions like this, you can also survey your listeners. An in-person event works well for a local crowd, but a hybrid or virtual event can extend your reach beyond your region. Other demographics come into play here, too — for example, if most of your listeners are teens, don’t host your event at a bar.

Partner up

Try to think of ways to network with other businesses during your event. If you have a food podcast, hosting an event at a local restaurant or café might be appropriate. Additionally, you can reach out to speakers or influencers who align with your podcast to expand your brand. In doing so, you can tap into their audience through cross-promotion.

Market your event

Build an event marketing plan tailored to your podcast launch party. Eventbrite Boost can serve as your comprehensive marketing tool to help you get the word out about your podcast event. This all-in-one platform allows you to launch email campaigns, create ads for social media, target the right audience, and promote and sell tickets.

How Parker Edison used a podcast event to expand his audience

Established podcast hosts might not need a launch party, but other podcast networking events can be effective marketing tools, too. Events like live shows, listening parties, and meetups help you connect with your audience in a whole new way. Consider these event-planning podcast tips inspired by our conversation with Parker Edison, host and co-creator of the PE Project podcast.

Edison describes the podcast as “a sonic adventure that explores culture and lifestyle,” and it’s focused on the Black American experience. He’s promoting the show with a Wash Party at a local laundromat — he’ll offer $100 in quarters that attendees can use to wash and dry their laundry. The only requirement is that they bring headphones and listen to episodes of the podcast while they’re there. This creative concept adds a fun twist to a traditional listening party, helping bring together podcast fans in a new way.

The location of the Wash Party made a partnership easy for Edison. Atypical Waffle, a restaurant next to the laundromat, offers a spot for attendees to grab a bite to eat during or after the event. He hopes that this event will bring his audience together and expand his brand. “If we get a good group to come through, wash some clothes, have a bite, and mingle, we’ll know the event was a success,” he says. “Nothing makes better publicity than a good time. I’m sure attendees will download some episodes but the word of mouth is what I’m really hoping for.”

3 takeaways to consider for your podcast event

As you look for event-planning ideas for your podcast, consider these takeaways from the PE Project Wash Party.

Encourage networking

A podcast event should do more than just promote your show. Offer networking opportunities that let attendees interact and engage. Partnering with a local business can bring together different audiences, which benefits both your podcast and your partner.

Make it charitable

Think of ways you can give back to your community while hosting podcast events. In Edison’s case, he’s helping cover the costs of laundry for his attendees. You can collect pay-what-you-can donations in lieu of ticket sales, or raffle off items and give the money raised to a local charity. A charitable twist can attract more attendees to your event.

Plan an event with your audience in mind

Design an event that suits your target audience. Edison selected the laundromat idea because it seemed like a safe, welcoming space for his attendees — and the restaurant next door helped, too. Think about where your audience hangs out and what they like to do, then plan an event that attracts the crowd you desire.

Broaden your reach with podcast events

A podcast launch party or similar event can help you connect with your audience and build your brand. You can engage with listeners in a new way, introduce your podcast to a new audience, or cross-promote your podcast through other local businesses. Use Eventbrite to help you plan, market, and sell tickets to your event and give your podcast the promotion it deserves.

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