At Eventbrite, we’re always thinking of ways we can empower you in your marketing journey – whether you’re an experienced promoter or planning your first-ever event. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to event marketing. That’s why we’ve researched current marketing trends and talked to dozens of creators just like you to better understand what it takes to be a marketing pro, no matter your background or expertise. 

After gathering all our research and combing through the noise, we’re excited to finally launch Eventbrite Academy: an event creator’s guide to social media marketing. Best of all – it’s free to access!

Why Eventbrite Academy? 

Event marketing is harder than ever these days. High quality advertisements overwhelm consumers across multiple social media channels. Standing out with successful event marketing requires a thorough, holistic approach – not to mention a big learning curve. 

We also know sifting through marketing tips online is time consuming talk about resource overload. At a certain point, you just want to focus on hosting events. Enough worrying about marketing! 

At Eventbrite Academy, we’ve compiled tips and tricks from Eventbrite marketing experts and successful event creators to teach you how to get the most out of your marketing, with as little headache as possible. 

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What does Eventbrite Academy offer? 

Eventbrite Academy offers marketing lessons for creators at all levels. We’ve crafted an interactive Learning Center where quality courses are accessible on-demand, featuring educational videos and articles that cover a variety of topics: 

  • Fundamentals of event promotion: what makes a great advertisement? 
  • Understanding what marketing tools are right for you: which tools should I use and why?
  • Tapping into your Event Marketing Lifecycle: when is it best to advertise? 
  • Email marketing tips: how do I craft an effective email campaign?
  • Social media presence: how do I grow my following and convert followers into ticket buyers? 
  • Managing a busy calendar of events: how do I stay sane and stick to my budget?
  • Current trends in paid & organic marketing: how do I keep my marketing campaigns relevant and exciting?

…and so much more.

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These articles provide actionable advice and dive into how Eventbrite’s tools can supercharge your marketing strategy. You’ll walk away with a general skill set, plus marketing tricks to keep in your back pocket. You’ll understand the fundamentals, and then some! 

As a fun bonus, completing all 13 courses in Eventbrite Academy earns you our Event Marketing Expert certification. It only takes a few hours to complete the curriculum and reach expert status.

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Which courses should you view to get started? 

To get started, we recommend you check out the following courses on Eventbrite Academy:

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Where can you get started? 

Head over to Eventbrite Academy to:

  • Start our Event Promotion Courses,
  • Get certified as an Event Marketing Expert, 
  • And register for our upcoming webinar, where we’ll cover everything Eventbrite Boost has to offer and how to market your event. 
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