Every time an event-goer sees a Facebook ad, event listing, or promotional email from your seasonal event is an opportunity to inspire them to attend. That’s why using creative language is key to grabbing your audience’s attention and increasing ticket sales or registrations.

In fact, Adobe’s 2018 Digital Trends Report found that content and experience is a top priority for businesses of all sizes when delivering great customer experiences. Having a great experience as a potential attendee is vital for turning your readers into fans.

Here’s how to entice your audience to become attendees. with every invitation you send. 

Stand out or lose out to event competitors

Inviting potential attendees to your event is an important stage in any event creator’s promotional plan. You can have the most exciting, useful, or interesting seasonal event in your area, but unless the right people know about it, you’ll never be able to sell out your event and make it profitable.  You can send out emails to your mailing list (learn more about growing your email list here), invite people on Facebook, and even send out paper invitations.

Using creative language in your event invitations helps you stand out by capturing what’s unique about your event. Roll with your event’s personality and don’t be afraid to experiment with  formatting. Use your invitation copy to embrace what makes your event different.

Find (and use) your event’s unique brand personality

If you’re not sure what your event’s personality is, you can start by taking some time to define how you want your event to sound — e.g. it’s voice and tone. If you’re unfamiliar with these two terms, voice is how you speak and tone is how you adapt your voice to different situations.

Three questions to help you find your event’s personality:

  • How do you want people to feel when they discover your event?
  • Which voices (playful, buttoned up, expert, etc.) resonate best with your audience?
  • If your event brand was a person, how would they talk?

If you’re still having trouble figuring how you want your event’s voice to sound, it helps to take a moment to remember why you decided to create your event in the first place. Doing so can also help you tap into the emotions you want to inspire in readers and resonate with your fans!

Write with purpose to drive event attendance

The right copy can make a significant impact on your bottom line. So what are some tactical strategies you can use to give your seasonal event invitation a competitive advantage over others who don’t choose their words as wisely?

Here are three mainstays of good writing to guide your invitation copy:

  1. Convey benefits, not features. Conveying benefits to potential attendees is the single best way to keep them nodding along with you on their journey to a registration or ticket purchase. Why? Because generally, people don’t buy products — they buy what the product will help them do.
  2. Help search engines find your event. When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), it all starts with the keyword — the words someone types into the search box on Google, Bing, and other search engines. Your goal is to make sure people can find your seasonal event by incorporating geographic keywords, topic-level keywords, and related keywords.
  3. Craft an email subject line worth opening. The best subject lines are 50 characters or less, so you need to be selective in your word choice. You want to let recipients know what to expect when they click. In general, you want to be descriptive and provide the reader with a reason to open your message.

Sell out your seasonal events all year long

Looking for more tips on finding your seasonal event niche and piquing people’s interest throughout the year? Discover how to create beyond traditional events and think outside the box with our eBook, Hack the Calendar: Your Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Events.

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