Editor’s Note: Now that the 2020 US election has taken place, this ticket type has been disabled. 

With the S presidential election just two weeks away, it’s time to make sure that every eligible US citizen has a plan to ensure their voice is heard. In July, Eventbrite partnered with HeadCount, a non-partisan organization that registers people to vote at events across the country, to create a free “Register to Vote with HeadCount” ticket type, which gave eligible attendees a path to register to vote online as an add-on when buying tickets to events that enabled it. 

Now that online voting registration deadlines have passed, we’re shifting the purpose of the HeadCount ticket type to offer your attendees information to make a plan to vote along with their tickets. The rebranded “Make a plan to vote with HeadCount!” ticket type will allow creators to provide attendees with a link in their order confirmation email to check their voter status, voting options, and polling place, so they can make sure their voice is heard this election. 

If you’ve enabled the “Register to Vote with HeadCount” ticket type for your events, this will now be hidden. If you’d like to enable this new “Make a plan to vote with HeadCount!” ticket type for your in-person and online events in the US, it’s easy:

  • First, navigate to your Event Manage page. Create an event and set up your basic event information: the name, location, and any other details. 
  • If you want to add this ticket type to a pre-existing event, navigate to the tickets tab of that event.
  • Once you create an admission ticket, hit save and you’ll see a new ticket type appear with an American flag icon and an Election Day message. 
  • To opt in and turn on this ticket type for your event, select the toggle and a free “Register to Vote” ticket type will appear on your event (you can see this by navigating to the add-ons tab, or viewing your ticket listing page). That’s it! You have now enabled the ticket type to appear on your purchase page. 
  • Ticket buyers will then be able to select it as an add-on to their order when registering for tickets to your event, and easily complete a voter registration application online. 
  • After Election Day this ticket type will automatically be hidden from your events. 

Note: Ticket add-ons, including this feature, are not available for event organizers in the essential package. 

Want to do more in the lead up to Election Day? Sign up to volunteer with HeadCount to help make voting easy for your fellow citizens. Eventbrite is proud to partner with HeadCount to promote participation in democracy through the power of events.

Add the “Make a plan to vote with HeadCount!” ticket type to your next event

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