At Eventbrite, the wellbeing of our global employees is top priority.  We want every single Briteling to feel empowered to show up and do their best work every day, so we reimagined our workplace philosophy to let them choose the model that works best for them.

Reimagining work at Eventbrite

The first thing we did was develop a set of guiding principles and create a committee of employees from across the company to think methodically about the future of our workplace culture. After analyzing employee feedback, which told us that less than ten percent (9%) of our employees want to be in an office full time, the majority (68%) want to come in occasionally, and 23% want to be fully remote, we made the decision to shift to a fully flexible workplace. Moving forward, we will provide three setup options, or working models, for employees to choose what’s best for them: 

  • Hub: prefers to work in an Eventbrite hub and will be in the office 4-5 days/week 
  • Flex: prefers a mix of in-office and virtual work and will be in the office 1-3 days/week
  • Remote: prefers to be fully remote 

We are building a future where employees take more control of how and where they work, and believe empowerment and flexibility is a key that unlocks more of their potential. As part of this program, employees also get an opportunity to temporarily try a remote location for a few months so they can test out their options and see what best suits them. 

Continuing our Commitment to Wellbeing 

The world and the workplace continues to evolve, but no matter what changes, Eventbrite is committed to investing in the mental health and wellbeing of our employees. Six months ago we launched a pilot program called “BriteBreaks” where we designated one day each month for employees to unplug from traditional work and focus on wellbeing. Through the pilot, we found we were not only more productive as a company, but it helped to mitigate burnout amongst employees. We’ve since turned this pilot into an indefinite part of our wellness program so we can continue to foster an environment where mental health is prioritized. 

David Hanrahan, Eventbrite CHRO, summed it up perfectly, “During the pandemic, the lines between work and life have been completely blurred, but BriteBreak Fridays have shown us the power one day can have on an employee’s mental health and wellbeing.” David shared, “I enjoy seeing how our employees choose to spend the day – going for a hike, getting a COVID-19 vaccine, taking an educational course, catching up on work undisturbed, or spending time with loved ones. For me personally, I’ve taken these days to spend time outdoors and it has been crucial to my mental health.”

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