Event planning is a mix of fast-paced excitement and mind-boggling stress. You know it’s worth it when you see the smiles on your attendees’ faces — but sometimes it’s hard to remember that feeling during a last-minute crisis.

Whether you need to get pumped up to power through an event-day marathon or a tricky sponsorship negotiation, mantras can help you feel centered so you can take action.

Keep calm, carry on, and recite these mottos to keep your head and heart focused on creating a successful event.

I can’t fix everything, but duct tape can.

Variation: A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.

This is a good reminder when things go wrong (and they inevitably will). Like that time your keynote speaker suddenly came down with the flu and you had to quickly prep another guest to take their place.

The more fires you put out, the better at it you will become. So embrace the challenges, and always have an emergency kit that includes duct tape on-hand.

Yes, and…

Variation: I rise by lifting others.

Event creators should borrow the “Yes, and…” mantra from the world of improv comedy. The concept is that when someone shares an idea with you, you acknowledge it and then try to build on it, rather than dismiss it.

This approach can be especially encouraging to your team and inspire a great brainstorming session, whether it’s about how best to decorate the event venue or come up with a clever event hashtag.

Just breathe.

Variation: Shake it off.

This classic mantra can apply to many situations, but it’s especially helpful for those times when you receive news that’s sudden and potentially devastating. Maybe it’s that your venue has a plumbing emergency, or your event app crashed.

You might go into freak out mode for a moment, but reminding yourself to take a deep breath and calm down will help you regain your composure so you can come up with a plan.

Need more than a mantra to calm your breath? Check out one of these 8 Apps That Help Event Planners Find Their Happy Place.

Just keep swimming.

Variation: I’ve got this.

It’s tough to feel self-assured all of the time, especially right before an event when you start second guessing yourself. What if we don’t sell enough tickets? What if the catering doesn’t live up to the hype? What if the weather is bad and people don’t show?

Stop the self-doubt and instead borrow this mantra from Dory of Finding Nemo. Remember that you did everything you possibly could to create a successful event, then carry on with confidence.

Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded.

Variation: Go big or go home.

You can’t be successful as an event manager if you limit yourself to doing a “good enough” job. Remind yourself that thinking big is in your DNA. So why not branch out your event to another city? Choose a bigger venue? Aim high when inviting special guests? You can’t grow unless you take risks.

Mantras help you cope with the chaos of event management, and remember why you chose the gig in the first place: to bring people together in a magical experience. But don’t stop with a mantra:

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