New reminder emails help you boost attendee numbers

We’re excited to announce a helpful new feature for reminding attendees about your events. Effective today (the feature is rolling out over the course of the day), we’ll automatically schedule a brief reminder email to be sent to your attendees 48 hours before an event. The email is brief, and includes the event’s name, time and date in large font, plus a map of the location. We think it will drive up your attendance rate while giving you one less task to remember. Here’s an example:

We also want to let you know that the feature is totally optional. You can easily turn it off if you don’t think it will help you. Just head to the “Email Attendees” section of your Manage page. The email will appear under the “Emails Scheduled” tab, and if you wish, you can delete it there (please note that once it is deleted you won’t be able to restore it). It show up like this:

As always, we’re happy to hear any feedback about this feature. Enjoy it!

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  • Great job!
    You should provide list of options for the date, because lots of events that deal with hotels (me, for example) negotiate for shoulder nights to include special room rate for attendees. That way they can come early (or late) to enjoy the city. So when they receive this reminder they might be at the hotel already. Just my quick 2 cents. =)

  • You’re saying that every event I create I have to manually go and delete that email or else it’ll be sent? Gah! Please don’t create automatic emails for me. Or, create them but don’t schedule them to be sent. Eventbrite isn’t for birthday parties!

  • Sorry to hear you’re not interested in the feature. You do have to turn it off, but we tried to make that process really quick and painless. And we hope you’ll consider using the reminders in some cases, as we do think they’re quite helpful for attendees. Thanks for the input.

  • If it’s an ‘option’ as you say, then please don’t make it an ‘opt out’. For a couple of reasons it simply isn’t appropriate to my type of bookings. I’ve asked before that Eventbrite doesn’t ‘second guess’ my needs for the system – features are valuable and welcome, but not if I have little control over them – it simply adds to my workload instead of helping me.

  • What a great feature!

    I like the automation and 48 hours is generally fine. As Viktor points out, please let use set the schedule. For example, if a business event is taking place on Monday morning perhaps the reminder should go out on the preceding Friday during business hours (rather than on Saturday morning).

    Well done!

  • This will be a fantastic feature for me, but I can see how some people won’t want to use it (particularly due to the un-editable time standoff. for me, 12-24hrs would be ideal). Maybe later you could implement a top-level switch that a user could set a global preference with?

  • I like the idea of the feature, but find it won’t be very helpful.

    The e-mail is not editable – which makes it nearly worthless for most of my events. If I could edit it to include the login information for my online events (99% of my events) it would be very helpful. As it is, I have to delete the e-mail and create my own.

    Question – for events with multiple dates, do you actually give attendees the date they are registered for, or do you simply indicate multiple dates?

  • Hi

    Can you add a feature that allows one to make payments with out being charged. My event offers students to make monthly payments prior to theie event.

  • Our system isn’t really designed to be used that way, sorry. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • For me a reminder each month is great. It keeps it on individual radar. Perhaps something can be set up so we can select the exact date and time reminder emails can be sent.

  • This would be excellent if we could create our own reminder emails – preferably using html and the date they are due to go out.

  • This is a good idea but I would like more control over when the reminder email is sent. Generally I send reminder emails 24 hours before the meeting. Also, it would be helpful (for me at least) to be able to include attachments to the reminder email.

  • We absolutely love your program. We can’t begin to tell you how this has been a wonderful tool for our organization. We appreciate that you continually make it easier for our clients and us. Keep up the good work!

  • Love it!!! Saves me from having to do it, I can focus on other things for the event while this is being sent out. Eventbrite is great! Love you guys!!! Keep Rockin!!

  • This is going to be a big pain to remember to go in and click “delete” for every one of our events. I much preferred the way eventbrite was set up before, where I could choose to send an e-mail reminder to my guests only if I wanted to. That way, I could write my own language. Please change this, so I don’t have to “opt out” every time! Couldn’t you allow users to click a box to turn this feature off and on, which would apply to all our e-mails?

  • It is an awesome tool from a “Global setting” standpoint so that, at the very least, in case I forget to remind event registrants, it’s done for me automatically. However, that being said, we should have an “additional option” to “customize it” and send out an “additional reminder” [[within]] the 24 hour time frame.

    However, I can see an even more important and critical use for this “exact feature” with respect to “prior invitations” sent from the “eventbrite” platform. A last call for action for procrastinators and busy bodies (I am one of them) who are interested in the event and haven’t yet taken any action.

  • I like it. We use Eventbrite for a non-profit monthly networking meeting ( and have been talking about doing a manual reminder 48 hour ahead of the meeting. The timing is great for this, as we believe it will help raise our 75% attendance rate for registrants back up to the 90%+ range we were a year ago.

  • Yes, I totally agree about having the time frame be changeable. I’d like reminders to go out earlier, and maybe, even be set up so that we can send more than reminder – a month out, two weeks out, etc.

  • I already send out a reminder email a day or two prior to event but would be interested to hear about emails after the event…are they useful to convey thank you for attending and save the date for future events? or is it better to just start over for the next event? any opinions would be welcome.


  • I love this feature however I have 70 events coming up – some events have this email in place and some don’t. Why?

  • Several people have commented on the need for more ‘control’ over this new feature (me included), and Theo has thanked us for the feedback.

    Are any changes to be made – can we be told please?

  • Hi Robin,

    Thanks for your feedback. At this point we are not making any changes to the feature. We feel that the flexibility is there for people to turn it off and do their own messages if they don’t want to use the reminder email. That said, we will continue to evaluate how the emails perform and how our organizers respond to them and will evolve the feature over time.



  • Thanks Joanna! The emails will show up for events created (or edited) since we introduced the feature. So editing any of those events would cause the email to appear. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • hi there

    thanks for adding features.

    It would be great if we could put our logos/coloring etc in it instead of eventbrite’s. And as mentioned by some others, some more customisation of email content would be great too so we can put in registration or parking information etc.

    Looking forward to seeing more updates


  • I already do reminder e-mails so this feature is nice BUT the fact that I cannot edit the automatic e-mail reminder’s content makes it null and void for me. I appreciate the foresight into this feature but take it a step further and let us edit the content and timeframes for delivery. Thank you!