Taglines have long been a great tool for organizations looking to stand out and build brand awareness (and who isn’t?) These short, memorable slogans are even more important for nonprofits because, well: they’re cheap marketing. A clever tagline is a great way to define and extend your brand on a shoestring budget.

The annual Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards—a.k.a. “The Taggies”—honor those foundations or orgs that come up with the sharpest taglines. (A couple previous winners we like: “Because the earth needs a good lawyer” (Earthjustice), and “Improving Life, One Breath at a Time,” from the American Lung Association.)

It’s already a cool idea—and it just got a lot cooler. This year, the Taggies have added a special category for event taglines. (You can enter yours now here.) Take our advice: this is something you should get in on! If you’re reading this, you already know that a live event represents a unique fundraising and awareness opportunity. But you may not be aware of what event taglines can do for your cause.

Here are 5 reasons event taglines are so helpful:

  • They set your event apart from similar events Attendees have a limited amount of time and resources for events. Imagine they’re picking between two great benefit concerts, one clearly branded with a tagline, and one without. Which one do you think they’re more likely to remember—and more likely to attend?
  • They make it easy for attendees to become your best marketers For attendees to convince their social network to join them at an event, they need to be able to explain why it will be great. By creating a sharp tagline, you’re doing much of that work for them.
  • They’re built for social media A great event tagline is a snap for attendees to drop into the small text spaces of Twitter and Facebook. And drop again. And again.
  • They promote repeat attendance Even a great event can fade from attendees’ memories if it lacks a distinctive identity. A strong tagline makes your event unforgettable, and can give it a permanent place on attendees’ monthly or yearly calendars.
  • They’re fun! A little humor, even a well-placed pun, communicates to attendees that you know how to show them a great time. And—especially since many NPOs are raising money for quite serious causes—it’s key to remind them that your event is a gathering they’ll enjoy.

Heard any great event taglines lately? Tell us in the comments! And be sure to keep up with the latest about the Taggies on Twitter.

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