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Greater outreach to attract the right audience  

Access over 50 million potential donors on our platform. Give attendees an easier way to buy their tickets.

A smoother way to operate

Streamline operations and planning, keep budgets and spending on track, and get the crowd and event data you need to run things smoothly.  

Give attendees more ways to donate

Seamlessly integrate with leading fundraising sites to give attendees more ways to donate.

“Ask yourself, ‘What’s really important to the guest?’ I wanted to offer something a bit sharper. Eventbrite is just clean, it’s presented well, and it’s easy for everyone to use.”

Lauren Bruce, Campaign Director, YMCA of San Francisco

Reach millions more with your message

With our intuitive, streamlined event registration process, it’s easier than ever to reach donors for your fundraising event. We can showcase your cause to millions of potential supporters — whether they’re searching on Google or skimming their Facebook newsfeeds — on any device.

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Eventbrite’s simple, two-step registration process speeds up registration time by up to 3x

Tired of the same-old fundraising methods?

100 unique fundraising ideas that actually work

The data you need to make an impact

Get access to real-time sales and check-in data, and all the apps you need to effectively run your event. See ticket sale data to help attract sponsorship to support your charity or cause.  Manage and analyze your event from anywhere you need to be.

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The power of Eventbrite combined with social fundraising

Eventbrite integrates seamlessly with the leading social fundraising platforms like CrowdRise, Fundly, and Auction Manager to give donors more ways to support a great cause.

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See what crowdfunding can do for you:

How to Use Events to Bring Your Crowdfunding Campaign to Life

30% of Wendy Walk attendees registered at the event

Wendy Walk saw a 70% reduction in on-site registration time

Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers saw an 11% fundraising increase per participant with the Eventbrite and CrowdRise integration

No matter what your role, you drive your event’s success

Event creators

Take advantage of multiple tools to help you bring your event from plans on paper to full-blown production.

Marketing managers

Get access to marketing tools to help build your brand, keep on budget, and exceed ticket sales.

Executive directors

Discover innovative features to power any event successfully and get laser-focused on logistics to help ensure ROI.

Learn how our solutions can help you with your charity events

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