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Tip Sheet

Promoting your events with Eventbrite Ads is simple. Our mission behind it is an easy-to-use self-service platform that lets you set a budget, and launch and manage your campaigns in just a few clicks.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t up your marketing game. Use these tips to get the most out of Eventbrite Ads.

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1. Plan and schedule your ads in advance

We’ve taken the complexity out of ad creation, so there’s no need to procrastinate creating your campaigns. Set a daily budget and a schedule for how long your ad will run when you create your event listing for one streamlined workflow. 

2. Advertise where your people are
For as little as $5 a day, you can reach as many as 6,000 Eventbrite users within 50 miles of your event. We rock the biggest community of event-goers online, so don’t miss the opportunity to make sure they see your event listings when they search.

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3. Give your ad time to learn
Eventbrite Ads is powered by an algorithm that responds to the behavior of 83 million event-goers searching for events on Eventbrite. When an ad is “learning,” cost per impression may look higher. Be patient and give your Ad time to learn. We’ll take care of the optimization from there.

4. Pair your marketing tools for supercharged results
Eventbrite Ads is just one of the tools available to Eventbrite Boost users (on Core or Pro plans). For example, you might couple Eventbrite Ads with Boost’s email campaign tools to send branded event reminders to everyone who’s viewed your listing. Work that marketing funnel!   

5. Use your performance insights to fuel learnings and action on opportunities
Your Eventbrite Ads dashboard is a treasure trove of information about your audience and their behavior — not to mention your listing’s performance. Review your ticket sales, impressions, revenue generated, ad spend, and number of clicks. Understanding your performance will help you manage your current campaign and optimize the next one. 

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