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The Ultimate Ticket-Pricing Guide for Event Organizers

Inflation, competition, and changing consumer behavior — it’s a lot to consider when pricing your event.

We’ve created a definitive guide of Eventbrite ticket prices across categories, states, and formats to cut through the noise and show you what’s really happening. We draw on expert insights from behavioral economists and scientists to understand what drives consumer value and a willingness to purchase tickets so that you can make an informed decision on the right price for your event.

In this event pricing guide, you will learn:

  • Why charging attendees even a small amount for tickets can help reduce no-shows
  • How you stack up regionally and against industry pricing averages
  • How to use discounts and ticket tiers to sell out your event
  • How to close the gap between online and in-person pricing
  • How to convert (free) online attendees into (paying) real-life attendees

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