The Ultimate Reopening Report: How Attendees Really Feel

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Making decisions based on attendee perceptions and needs is critical to a successful post-COVID-19 event strategy. Eventbrite’s 2021 Ultimate Reopening Report analysed feedback from more than 2,600 attendees across the U.S to deliver key insights for local creators during the COVID-19 recovery phase.

Find out which experiences attendees are ready to head back to, and why, so you can create a calendar of compelling, COVID-safe events. You’ll be able to dive into insights from attendees on:

  • Their perceptions and concerns about returning to live events
  • How to ensure safety at large events
  • What type of events are most popular for attendees
  • The future of virtual events
  • Event promotion strategy coming out of COVID-19

Read on to see how people are feeling and how you can tailor your upcoming events to your audience.