Hack the Calendar: Your Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Events

There’s a whole world of whimsical, spiritual, and fun traditions waiting to be explored and celebrated beyond the ten federal holidays in the U.S.

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Season to season, and month to month, there’s a holiday cadence to event planning that most event creators can’t ignore — and a whole lot of competition. That’s where thinking beyond the federal holidays in the U.S. can really help you stand out. There’s a whole world of whimsical, spiritual, and fun traditions waiting to be explored and celebrated.

So what does it take to plan and promote a truly magical holiday event? In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to find your seasonal niche.

Inside, you’ll learn how to:

  • Pick and choose the right holiday events for your community
  • Rethink the way you plan and promote your seasonal event
  • Grow your business by growing your audience


Prepare for the year ahead by hosting awesome events

Every month is an opportunity to host an amazing event, with major, minor, and obscure holidays peppering most of them. The question is — which celebration will you choose?

Whether it’s kicking things off with a Valentine’s Day event geared towards proud singles, or welcoming the arrival of summer with a solstice-themed yoga workshop, you’ve got choices. Deciding now before things ramp up can help you make strategic decisions and have the kind of year you want for your events, attendees, and business.

5 ways to prepare for your year of events:

  • Refine your event marketing timeline by highlighting gaps in your marketing calendar, so you can (for example) eliminate channels with low ROI.
  • Uplevel your venue game, since logistics take time and the earlier you can sign a contract, the better chance you have of nailing down special rates.
  • Reinforce who is responsible for what on your team. It makes it easier to ensure every detail has a point person on your team.
  • Firm up your communication plan by visually mapping out how and what you want to communicate, and when you’ll do so, up until the day of your event.
  • Think about the year ahead and move up your planning schedule if need be, giving you a chance to workshop your plan for bigger events.

In the next section, you’ll discover how to choose the right seasonal events to highlight for your attendees, from obscure niche celebrations to the big-name holidays. See how options are one of the best things you can have when it comes to choosing the best holiday to celebrate.