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What Do Gamers Really Want at eSports Events?

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The gaming industry has already redefined entertainment — and live events are next. In the U.S. and Western Europe alone, more than 12 million gamers have attended live eSports events in-person. Gaming tournaments have become so popular that organizers have attracted sponsors like Coca-Cola and American Express.

There’s no doubt: we are in the midst of a live gaming boom. 

To dig deeper into the movement, we talked to 1500 gamers all over the world to find out: Why do gamers attend these events in person, instead of just streaming them online? What are the spending habits of gamers at these events, and after they go home? And how can developers, major publishers, and other event organizers cash in on the trends?

Download the free report for all our game-changing findings, including:

  • What games are most popular among attendees
  • How much gamers are willing to pay to attend
  • What activities gamers want more of at eSports events


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