The Social DNA of EDM Fans

EDM Infographic Low Resolution

Fans of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) posted more than 70 million conversations through their social networks in 2013. In our new EDM Fan Social Media Listening Study, recently featured in, we analyzed these posts in partnership with leading social media insights firm Mashwork. We’re excited to show you what we found in our infographic – click to view the larger image.

Highlights include:

EDM fans’ social sharing is fueling the movement. Part of the explosive momentum behind EDM can be attributed to frequent social sharing; EDM fans tweeted a staggering 11 times per day (roughly six times more than the average Twitter user, who tweets 1.85 times per day). EDM fans post 30 percent more about concerts compared to other music fans, indicating their desire to share about the live experience.

EDM fans are all music, all the time. In fact, one third of all social media posts by EDM fans were about electronic music. The conversations are also rooted in positivity. Forty percent of all EDM conversations on social media were focused on a love of EDM, propelling the discovery and sharing of the music and events in the space.

EDM fans live for the live experience. A whopping 1 in 4 social posts about EDM occur during a live electronic music event. This massive volume of conversation adds up to 42 billion potential impressions for EDM events in just one year, and shows that the live experience holds great significance for this audience.

Stay tuned for additional content on our Event Academy in the coming weeks that will take a deeper look at these insights, and the ways that event organizers can use these findings to further engage the dance fan.

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