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rfid technology for events

The Event Organizer’s Comprehensive Guide to RFID Technology

What if one technology could transform your event? Download this comprehensive guide to learn the top benefits of RFID for events, how you can use the tech to activate sponsors and cashless payments on-site, and how to choose a vendor and get started.

Want to tap into the tech that could transform your event?

You can use RFID wristbands and badges to make paper tickets, long entry lines, and even wallets a thing of the past at your event. This guide will help you decide whether to invest in RFID for your event — and how to get the most from the technology if you do. 

Drop your email in the form on the right to download the report. You’ll learn:

  • The top 10 ways RFID can upgrade your event
  • How to know if RFID is the right tech for you
  • Strategies for using RFID on-site, from cashless payments to sponsor activations
  • How to choose a provider and implement the technology

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