How to Land Sponsors for Your Political Event

How to Land Sponsors for Your Political Event

As a political event organizer, you know how important it is to hold a successful fundraiser for your party, candidate, or cause. You also know how expensive it can be. Sponsors can definitely help defray your costs, but finding and securing them can be quite a challenge.Political Sponsors

In this paper, we’ll tackle this challenge head-on. We’ll outline the best ways to locate the right sponsors for your party event or convention, share ideas that will attract them to your campaign, give you tools to get them on board, and show you how to keep them coming back time and again. 

Download the report and learn how to:

  • Create opportunities that sponsors will want to take advantage of
  • Approach sponsors for your event
  • Help sponsors get the visibility they expect
  • Show sponsors the value they’ve received so they’ll contribute again

Megan Buell

Megan joined Eventbrite in 2011. As a senior lifecycle marketing manager, she's passionate about delivering industry and product knowledge to Eventbrite's organizers at the right time and in the right place. In her spare time she likes cooking and making wine with her family, long naps on the beach, and watching college football.