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Tip #3: Newest Technology Trends to Spruce Up Your Festival

From online ticketing to mobile apps to “wearable” technology at events, advances in technology are changing the festival and consumer event landscape in a major way.

More and more organizers like you are setting up their event ticketing pages and selling tickets online—and with good reason. Not only is it faster and easier for attendees to secure their spots, it’s also a smart way to gather valuable data. Metrics gathered during online sales help you make better decisions about what to expect in terms of attendee flow, and how to avoid shortfalls in planning and logistics.

You can also tell how effective your marketing efforts are with the ability to directly link a ticket transaction with the referral source (such as emails, online ads, search engines, and other websites), and make adjustments leading up to your event.

.eventbrite-app-300x224"New mobile technology is changing the overall attendee experience and onsite logistics as well. With the Eventbrite app, festival-goers can find and buy tickets right from their phones. Using smartphones and tablets armed with barcode scanners and check-in apps, such as Eventbrite’s Entry Manager, event staff can instantly verify tickets right at the gate, allowing for shorter lines and quicker entry. Staff can also handle walk-up sales with Eventbrite’s At The Door app, which serves as a mobile box office with a simple credit card reader attachment.

Photo checkAnother trending tool that both festival-goers and throwers love is “wearable” technology. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is built into wristbands worn by guests, and allows for ticketless entry and cashless in-festival purchases. These bracelets can also be synchronized with the wearer’s social networks, turning your participants into promoters as the bracelet performs automatic check-ins and status updates.


Pre-paid smart cards carried by attendees also provide rapid entry, reduce lines at vendor stands, and simplify merchandise transactions. Attendees can make in-event purchases with the tap of the smart card. Research shows that smart card bearers spend upward of 40% more when they’re not opening their purses and wallets to pay for food and merchandise.

And even after your event is over, your data lives on. You can evaluate your successes, see what could use improvement, and ultimately be better informed as you plan and promote your next event.

Key Takeaway: Improve how you plan and manage your events with today’s online ticketing, wireless and wearable technology trends.

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