8 Event Trends to Look Out for in 2023 [Attendee Survey]

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Now that in-person experiences are well and truly back on the agenda, the events landscape is quickly changing. To demonstrate that change, we surveyed attendees and event creators to reveal fast-emerging trends that demonstrate just how enthusiastic creators and attendees are about everything the future holds.

From attending events while traveling to memory-making transformational experiences, consumers are ready to embrace adventure. Meanwhile, creators can’t wait to deliver what audiences want – from tech-enhanced events and amped-up amenities to putting sustainability and accessibility front and center – all while encouraging plenty of pre-event excitement.

Here, we’ll cover some of the top trends our data is indicating, then, be sure to download the full report for more in-depth data and event attendee commentary, along with Eventbrite’s actionable advice to build into your summer 2023 events and experiences. 


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summer plans trends

1. In-person summer-centric events take center stage

Attendees overwhelmingly believe the best thing about summer events is the weather and being outside with friends and family – and 2023 is set to be a scorcher with 46% expecting to attend more events or live experiences in summer 2023 compared to summer 2022.

Consumers are willing to pay for their moment in the sun, too. Despite rising inflation, 81% plan to spend as much or more on events this summer than they did in 2022.

What this summer trend means for creators

With attendees planning to attend more, and spend more, now is the time to start promoting your event. Download the full report to find out what types of events people plan on attending!


[For sources, complete statistics and more trends – download our Summer Event Trends Report]


2. The rise of the ‘bleisure’ attendee

With the pandemic accelerating remote and hybrid working practices and flexible hours, we’re seeing the emergence of a new audience persona: the ‘bleisure’ attendee. 

An evolution of the digital nomad, 57% of attendees combine business and leisure whenever possible – especially Gen Z and Millennials who are most likely to incorporate personal adventures when traveling for work. That being said, 49% of Gen Z and Millennial survey respondents said they will attend a live event while traveling in 2023.

What this summer trend means for creators

Previous Event Trends Reports identified a desire for familiar venues close to home. However, this mid-year check-in shows that we can expect to see growing numbers of on-the-road attendees and confirms that distance is no longer a barrier, especially to younger attendees.


[For sources, complete statistics and more trends – download our Summer Event Trends Report]


3. Pre-event interactions are essential 

We know attendees love immersive and interactive events – it was one of the key trends in our previous report – and we’re now seeing this desire to be involved playing out well in advance of an event. We’re talking about pre-event interactions among creators, friends (IRL and virtual), other attendees, and influencers – all starting around one to three months in advance of the event.

What this summer trend means for creators

Just as creators are keen to build a community, attendees use social media to connect with their tribe and enjoy a sense of belonging by attending events with those who share their outlook on life. Learn more in our full report!

trends: what attendees want

4. Memorable + meaningful = a formula for success

Our January Event Trends Report confirmed a growing post-pandemic appetite for events. Now our updated summer data reveals exactly what attendees are looking for: entertaining or informative events that also offer a meaningful, transformative experience. 

In fact — a majority of attendees surveyed say they’d like to walk away from an experience with a new way of looking at the world or having learned something new about themselves. 

What this summer trend means for creators

What makes for a transformative, meaningful event? Almost half of all attendees pointed to smaller, more intimate groups that encourage greater interaction with other people while creative, hands-on activities – such as art sessions, self-expression tasks, and individual self-reflection prompts – came a close second. 


[For sources, complete statistics and more trends – download our Summer Event Trends Report]


5. Creators can bring about positive change

Creators are committed to doing better in 2023. By improving accessibility through the venue, using technology to cater to people with disabilities, and making every effort to minimize an event’s environmental impact, creators can connect with attendees who share these values. 

According to our research, that’s quite a few people. 71% of attendees surveyed said they would pay more for an event that prioritized accessibility.

Our survey found a majority of attendees (especially Gen Z and Millennials) are happier going to sustainable and accessible events and are willing to pay a higher ticket price for an event that is mindful of sustainability. This aligns with global attitudes across generations, countries, and industries, so we can’t say we’re too surprised. 

What this summer trend means for creators

Whether it’s for personal or business reasons, the importance of building a community around the things attendees care about is increasingly clear. This is why creators who commit to improving their event’s sustainability can not only improve sales but also consumer sentiment. Want to know how? Download our full report!


[For sources, complete statistics and more trends – download our Summer Event Trends Report]


6. Tech can turbo-charge events

Attendees might prefer in-person events over virtual events this summer, but there are still plenty of opportunities for digital tools to support and elevate their on-site experience. The interest is there – 37% of all attendees feel more positively about attending tech-enabled events. 

What this summer trend means for creators

Attendees are looking for the convenience of Wi-Fi, the interaction provided by live streaming, and the opportunity to experience immersive technologies like AR and VR. For ideas on how to add these to your events, download the full report.

trends: getting the word out

7. Creators are excited about live streaming

When we asked creators – if cost and logistics were no issue, which technologies would you be most excited about using at an event? In other words, what’s on your wish list? 

The answer? Live streaming, Wi-Fi, and QR codes are front of mind for creators who want to up their tech offer. With live streaming becoming more and more popular, we’re not surprised. 

What this summer trend means for creators

Ensuring your event is competitive when it comes to technology is important, given it’s listed as a priority for both creators and attendees alike!


[For sources, complete statistics and more trends – download our Summer Event Trends Report]


8. Social media marketing reigns supreme

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: creators can’t afford to ignore social media’s ability to drive event discovery and interest. 

In our summer survey, a majority of attendees say social media (influencers, social media posts/advertising, viral video or search on TikTok) overwhelmingly provides them with the best event recommendations, especially Gen Z. Word-of-mouth comes a close second, which is the most popular source of event recommendations among Gen X and Boomers. 

What this summer trend means for creators

Social media is always going to be a huge driver for event attendance, but don’t forget about search! From engines like Google and Yahoo! to searching on TikTok, search is another popular way folks find events in their area. 

And with Eventbrite proving to be a popular source of discovery among 33% of all attendees, it’s worth exploring how you can customize your emails and event pages to attract the attention of even more experience-seekers this summer.

With so much enthusiasm for in-person events, now’s the time to build audience anticipation and find ways to make your experience extra memorable. Perhaps you’re thinking about how tech can enhance your offer or looking to add influencers to your marketing mix. Maybe you’re exploring ways to improve your event’s eco-credentials. Our Summer Events Trend report can help. 

Ready to host a stellar summer event? Download the full report today!


The surveys for this Report were carried out by MarketCast.