Resources for Event Organizers: Marketing Tools & Data Insights

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We know organizing events is difficult, and it takes a village (even if it’s a village of one). When we hosted our first-ever virtual RECONVENE summit, the most striking thing we learned is how much power there is in the event community coming together to share their knowledge. We want to return the favor by giving you access to what our expert speakers discussed at RECONVENE — and then some. 

Whether you’re looking to up your marketing reach with Eventbrite Boost, or want to harness your data to host better events, these resources will help you reach more attendees. Sign up to access the following:

  • Eventbrite’s Ultimate Marketing Guide: Everything you need to create a well rounded marketing plan — straight from our experts to you.
  • Use Your Data: PianoFight shares how they use their Eventbrite data to boost revenue, set ticket prices, and book talent.
  • Grow Your Audience: Using Eventbrite Boost, Eventbrite’s all-in-one marketing platform, Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo built an international audience for virtual events.
  • Get Boosted: Eight tips from Eventbrite Boost’s product experts that will help you sell more tickets, grow your brand, and better understand event marketing.
  • Instagram Stories: Instagram is a crucial part of any event organizer’s marketing strategy. Learn how to grow on Instagram.
  • Data Insights: Eventbrite’s head of data science and analytics offers helpful insights to consult before planning your next event.