Resources for Event Organizers: Community

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We know organizing events is difficult, and it takes a village (even if it’s a village of one). When we hosted our first-ever virtual RECONVENE summit, the most striking thing we learned is how much power there is in the event community coming together to share their knowledge. We want to return the favor by giving you access to what our expert speakers discussed at RECONVENE — and then some. 

Harness the power of your community — and learn how to build a bigger one — with tips from fellow event organizers and experts. Sign up to access the following:

  • Why We Gather: Priya Parker shares her advice for how event organizers should rethink events for their community as we gather again.
  • Inclusivity Matters: Make your events even more inclusive with tips from a DEI strategist.
  • Community Support: Junior High’s Faye Orlove shares how her nonprofit events space scaled up after she opened up to her community.
  • Grow Your Community: Drunk Black History’s Brandon Collins took a local event global during the pandemic.
  • Rebuild Your Community: Our community event planning guide will inspire you as you resume in-person events that will help rebuild your community.