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The Institute for Embodied Wisdom

The Institute for Embodied Wisdom was founded to serve people who are committed to fulfilling their highest potential in both their personal and professional lives.  We offer public and private programs for corporations, small businesses and individuals interested in developing leadership presence, personal and professional effectiveness, and those practices that create greater opportunities both professionally and personally.  We utilize innovative, research-based solutions and breakthrough strategies that are at the forefront of leadership and human potential movements.

These demanding times call for both flexibility and agility. At IEW you will have a unique opportunity to develop your leadership presence and the skills to put proven leadership principles into practice. IEW provides an innovative learning environment for leadership training, team-building and success principles. Additionally, we offer coaching and training for executives, athletes, HR professionals, managers, rock stars, filmmakers, actors, artists, coaches, non-profit leaders, entrepreneurs, people in life transition and new college graduates.

 The Institute for Embodied Wisdom customizes our programs to fit your personal, group or organizational needs. One-on-one private coaching packages are available. Please inquire for customized program information.