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Jan Zeiger, Homeschool Consultant & Evaluator

Jan recommends an eclectic approach to homeschooling that provides opportunities for hands-on, real-life learning, as well as more traditional educational experiences. The mother of two encourages parents to keep long-term goals for their children in mind when making educational decisions. These goals might include a great sense of self, a lifelong love for learning, and a strong academic foundation. 

Jan has completed hundreds of portfolio evaluations and has written articles about homeschooling for local and national publications. She has contributed to her local homeschool community through seminars at Spark Family Enrichment Center as well as her work as a "Field Trip Coordinator" and mentor. She has 5 years experience homeschooling her own children and managed several groups during this time. Her oldest child currently attends a magnet school in Seminole County, and her youngest has recently returned to homeschooling.

Jan completed her BA and Master's degrees in Elementary Education at the University of Florida and  has taught for eight years in Central Florida (in both public and private school). She has been assisting families who are new to homeschooling as well as more experienced families since 2006. She currently serves as a language arts teacher of eighth graders, consulting with homeschooling families on a part-time basis.  While passionate about home education, Jan is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of her students as a public school teacher.  She recently earned her administrative certification and hopes to move into a leadership position in the near future. 

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