Party Planning

Party Planning Made Easy

Enhance your planning workflow—from setup to sell-out—to deliver the best party ever.

How to plan the best party ever

Regardless of the number of years you’ve been an event planner, there’s always a new unique challenge that awaits you. It’s the nature of the beast that is party planning.

Sustainable success often requires a natural multi-tasker that is financially astute, and cool, calm, and collected under pressure. The best minds in the business recognize that foolproof planning systems, a step-by-step party planning checklist, and event management technology are non-negotiables the pros leverage to stay on top of it all.

Party Planning

What to take into account when planning your party

There’s no denying it. Planning a party can be stressful. Whether you’re hosting a small local gathering or a major social event, you have a budget to balance, target ROI numbers to hit, and people counting on you to get it all right.

We can help. Here’s a stress-relieving party planning checklist that will help you establish a smarter timeline and intuitive roadmap to achieve your smart goals and execute your party planning ideas:

3-6 months before the party:

  • Scope out options for the date and time of your party. The earlier, the better, as some popular venues can be booked out 6-12 months in advance
  • Determine a sensible budget based on data, not emotion. Use value-based pricing to help determine the right ticket price, which will cover our costs and deliver a profit, as well
  • Book the event venue that fits your budget and meets your unique requirements
  • Hire your party talent/entertainment and food and beverage service providers
  • Start building out your invitation list. It’s okay to invite more people than capacity allows, as no-shows are consistently around 15-20%

1-2 months before the party:

  • Choose a seasonal theme that attracts and engages your target audience
  • Create a unique party design aesthetic that fits your theme and resonates with your attendees
  • Send out your invitations and/or RSVPs
  • Plan the activities that bring your party planning ideas to fruition and secure any required supplies
  • Hire support staff, as needed
  • Secure your party check-in, registration, ticketing, and guest services software solutions
  • Launch your promotional campaigns to get the word out and create buzz
  • Tour your party venue to ensure it provides what you will need, especially critical resources like parking and handicap access for your guests

Help your party reach its full potential with the best event planning templates, guides, and online courses

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Planning and hosting a party is inherently challenging for a majority of those brave enough to take it on. So, we’ve created free templates for your party planning, organizing, and hosting workflows. Whether you’re trying to gain top-of-mind awareness, sell more tickets, or maximize in-event entertainment value, Eventbrite has the template that will help you launch your party like a rockstar.


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Online Courses

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Party Planning

Pro Tip: Prioritize the moments that ignite lasting memories

The first impression

When your guests arrive, will they be impressed by the venue? Will their check-in at registration be fast and stress-free? Will they be greeted by a warm and welcoming member of the event team?

The high point

When creating your party plan, take the time to consider what your guests may mention as the highlight of the night, first and foremost. The pinnacle of your event should leave a lasting memory that people can’t wait to share with their peers and social network.

The last impression

How will your guests’ evening come to a close? Will they depart the party with positive lasting memories and a fresh recollection of their overall experience? Was the energy and excitement of the partygoers maintained from start to finish? Because we typically evaluate our social experiences right after we leave them, it’s important to optimize the value of attendance all the way through the finish line.

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