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Jugendherberge Bad Homburg

Mühlweg 17

61348 Bad Homburg


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TYPO3 CMS has some significant- and possibly unique-technological and business advantages in the CMS landscape. Largely unknown outside of Europe, TYPO3 CMS has an opportunity to eat Adobe and Sitecore’s lunch. One of the business advantages it has is the strong community behind it-you! You, your stories, and your successes are a powerful set of tools to help us position TYPO3 in the market and grow adoption. In all of this, we’d like to highlight you and your agencies as experts to business stakeholders. More engagement here == more lunch for us all :-)

What we will do

  • Co-create The Essential Guide to TYPO3 that

    • maps the value of TYPO3 to the needs of the market

    • showcases agency members in videos and articles highlighting the inventory of features and benefits

    • provides a go-to reference and sales-resource for business and technical users alike

  • Record supporting and complementary video interviews with community members

  • Complete TYPO3 CMS buyers’ journeys for all target personas

  • Review and revise TYPO3 community and CMS strategic narratives with whole group

Who should come

You should come if you are a TYPO3 community member of any kind–agencies, freelancers, marketers, integrators, developers–who has a success story to share about a client project or technical challenge you’ve overcome with TYPO3, or you have expertise in TYPO3 we should highlight to decision makers. No marketing skills required!

Preliminary Schedule

Day 1 16:00-

  • Meet late afternoon/early evening

  • Get to know you w/ coffee/tea

  • Intro preso OSP§ Dinner/Drinks

    • OSP/T3G Strategy intro + feedback

    • Intro to OSP method

    • Sprint project introductionsSprint goal setting

      • Seed material: Ultimate Guide sections), Buyers’ journeys templates

      • Ideas (solicit)

Day 2 8:00-18:00

  • Breakfast

  • Preso/workshop: OSP Content Brief & Methods

  • Split into teams

  • Facilitated production

    • From pre-prepared briefs

    • Produce new briefs

    • Produce new content

  • Lunch

  • 60 minute introduction, review, revision of TYPO3 community and CMS strategic narrative with whole group

  • Production con’t

  • Dinner/drinks/social event and/or more sprinting

  • (Video interviews throughout day)

Day 3 8:00-15:00

  • Breakfast

  • Facilitated production (continued)

  • Lunch

  • Sprint demo presentations

  • Wrap up

  • Go home!


The event is free of charge! Plus, accomodation, lunch and snacks are offered for free by the TYPO3 GmbH. But: we do have a cancellation fee of 40,- EUR. To simplify the charging process, you’ll be asked to pay this amount as a deposit when registering for the event. You’ll receive your deposit back on the day of the event. If you cancel up to one week in advance you’ll receive a refund.

Best regards and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon.

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Date and Time


Jugendherberge Bad Homburg

Mühlweg 17

61348 Bad Homburg


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