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School Climate Basic Training

This two-day professional development training session is focused exclusively on School Climate: What School Climate is (definition and scope), the difference between School Climate and School Culture and the role of adults in school to foster a positive school climate. We will explore the conflict cycle and adults’ professional responsibilities as it pertains to School Climate improvement. During the two days, participants will be introduced to the School Climate Development Model, the School Climate/Culture Model, four strength-based models that are at the core of School Climate and School Climate improvement (School Connectedness, Resiliency, The Circle of Courage and Youth as Resources). Participants will also learn about student motivation and be introduced to Restorative Practices. Throughout the two highly interactive days, participants will learn countless strategies to foster and improve School Climate. Once completed, Basic School Climate Training allows participants to enroll in School Climate Advanced Training. Basic training is the prerequisite for the three-day advanced session.

Please Note: You are required to complete both days of training in order to qualify for a certificate of completion. Please make sure you sign in on both days.

School Climate Advanced Training Description

This three-day professional development training session can only be taken after successful completion of School Climate Basic Training. Advanced training is an “extension” of School Climate Basic Training. In this session, participants dig deeper into the topics that are covered in the two-day Basic training session, to allow everyone to gain a much richer understanding of the content central to school climate improvement. In addition, participants receive information about different learning styles as well as how to facilitate training for adults. There are two major goals for Advanced training. First is to be much more knowledgeable and comfortable with school climate “content.” The second goal is to be able to return to their schools/organizations and share/facilitate topics introduced in Basic training to colleagues and other community members. As with Basic training, Advanced training is highly interactive. After the successful completion of Advanced training, participants are provided with all materials necessary for such in-school training in all of the topics covered in Basic training.

Please Note: You must complete School Climate Basic Training in order to register for School Climate Advanced Training. You are required to complete all three days of training in order to qualify for a certificate of completion. Please make sure you sign in on all three days.

Restorative Practices Training Description

This two-day Basic training in Restorative Practices provides the necessary information for establishing the conditions for developing and nurturing a culture based on high quality relationships among all school community members and positive community building. This is accomplished by focusing not on rules broken and punitive consequences but rather on the harms done and providing appropriate restorative consequences and the systems that are necessary to repair and support strong relationships. Working restoratively is a social/relational rather than a behaviorist model. Embracing restorative practices is not a program but rather a way of thinking, being and operating. The training includes concrete and practical strategies for establishing the appropriate classroom and school-based routines as well as conducting circles and conferences in primary prevention as well as intervention contexts. This training builds upon existing School Climate training sessions provided by the Connecticut State Department of Education, although previous attendance in Basic (Team and/or Advanced) School Climate training is not required to participate in this Restorative Practice Basic training for which attendees will receive credit from the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP).

Day 1: Introduction to Restorative Practices

  • Learn practical strategies to build strong, healthy relationships

Day 2: Using Circles Effectively

  • Discover how to optimally utilize circles in any setting

Please Note: There are two books that follow the two days of training and are available as support for the on-site training experience. The first book is the Restorative Practices Handbook for (day #1) and the second book is the Restorative Circles in Schools for (day #2). Each book will cost 12 dollars and can be ordered directly through the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) at www.iirp.edu.

Please Note: You are required to complete both days of training in order to qualify for a certificate of completion. Please make sure you sign in on both days.

Registration Information

Registration for this two-day training session is from 8:00 – 8:30 AM, with a prompt beginning of the training at 8:30 AM. Kindly allow enough time to go through school security and find the room at the school (there will be clear signage).

Food and Beverages

Feel free to bring coffee/tea and morning snacks with you. Because of the packed agenda of interactive information during the training, there will only be a half hour for lunch. You may either bring a bag lunch or dine in the school’s cafeteria at a cost of no more than 10 dollars (cash).

There will not be time to leave the facility at lunch in order to insure that everyone is present for the full afternoon of training. Consequently, please honor this request either to bring your own lunch or purchase it on-site. The training will end on both days no later than 4:00 p.m.

Information on Inclement Weather

In case of inclement weather, please follow the school's directions. If the school is closed, the training will be canceled and rescheduled for another date. If there is a delay, the training will be delayed.

What can I bring into the event?

Please bring your registration confirmation receipt ticket to the first day of your training. Also, you may bring your lunch and snacks, if you do not wish to dine with the school's cafeteria.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

For more information, please contact Iris White at 860-713-6794 or via e-mail at iris.white@ct.gov or Bridget Tillman at 860-713-6789 or via e-mail at bridget.tillman@ct.gov.

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Connecticut State Department of Education

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