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Substance Abuse CLE

Lynn Krueger-Andes and Dustin McCrary

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In a world where alcohol culture is toxically abundant, it can be hard to say no. Peer pressure isn’t just for teenagers, and lawyers are notorious for happy hours and activities that center around drinking. But what if you shouldn’t drink? What if you just don’t want to drink? What if drinking is leading to depression, anxiety, bad choices, marital discord, family issues, or work performance problems? How do you temper…or stop? Well, take it from two sober people who still love being lawyers and who still enjoy their lives (more so than before!)…it IS possible. There is happiness and freedom in sobriety. Join us for a virtual CLE on the joys of living sober and learn our personal journeys that lead to choosing this lifestyle. We look forward to seeing many of you there for that substance abuse credit you always need!