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Grow Your Yoga Business With Eventbrite

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How to Start and Grow Your Yoga Business with Eventbrite

Yoga is your passion. But if you want it to become your livelihood, you need a plan

Whether you’re hosting classes or growing a festival, the foundation for success is the same: understanding what yogis want. A new Eventbrite survey on the yoga trends and habits of 2,000 Americans reveals why people do yoga, how much they’re willing to spend, and how to convince them to choose your classes over the competition.

Read on for five tips you need to design a yoga business that fulfills your passion — and makes a living.


Start your yoga business with a strong foundation

Picture your future business in your mind’s eye. Is it a small neighborhood class? An exotic retreat business? A pop-up goat yoga experience? All of the above?

Your yoga business idea can evolve over time, of course, but in the beginning, lay out a logical vision. As you consider your offerings, think about what you’re driven to do along with what makes for good business. Yoga classes, festivals, and special events all offer different sets of challenges — and rewards.


Create a pricing model that will keep you in business

Now that you know what you’re going to offer, determine how much you’ll charge for it. Consider all potential forms of revenue:

Yoga classes: From unlimited memberships to class drop-ins, set realistic prices that people will pay — and that will pay the bills. According to our survey, the biggest comfort zone for a yoga class price is under $30. But 36% would pay more for the right class.

Unique yoga experiences:The average yogi is willing to spend around $40 for a special,
one-time event. 18% will spend $50-100, and 8% will spend over $100.

Yoga equipment and apparel: There’s no reason your yoga business can’t tap into the $33,840 yogis spend in a lifetime on yoga equipment and apparel as well. Partner with local brands to stock your business with supplies, or brand your own merch for yogis to flaunt around town.

Healthy snacks and water: When the blood sugar dips or the dehydration peaks (looking at you, hot yoga), your customers will appreciate your thoughtfully curated cold case.


Define what makes your yoga business different

Yoga offerings have gotten far more sophisticated and eclectic: Goat yoga! Silent disco yoga! Broga yoga! (Yoga for bros, and yes, it’s trademarked).

In fact, people wish they were taking more classes in experimental settings beyond the typical yoga studio than they actually are. Currently, 66% of yogis do at least one class per year in an experimental setting, but 83% wish they did.

Capitalizing on what’s trending can bolster your yoga business’s chances of success. But there might be an idea out there no one has thought of yet — except you.


Grow your yoga business with the wellness community

Adding other types of wellness services to your yoga mix creates an additional revenue stream. It also evolves your yoga spot from a simple place to take classes into a bona fide wellness center. And considering that more than half of people come to yoga to de-stress (51%), finding a go-to when they need to unwind is something they won’t overlook.

One of the best ways to expand your wellness offerings is to partner with other local businesses. Perhaps a nearby spa is interested in hosting a chair-yoga pop-up in your lobby after busy classes. Or, invite a nearby juice shop to stock your fridge with celery juice and kombucha.

The right wellness partners won’t just boost your offerings. They boost your brand and reputation in the local community.


Host your yoga events on the right tech

To create an experience that stands out to yogis and attracts a growing audience, you can’t use a ticketing system that stresses them out. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting excited about a new yoga class or workshop, only to be forced through a convoluted check out process.

The best thing you can do for your yoga business is to host your yoga events on a ticketing platform that makes everything stressless. Key things to look for:

Integrations that save you time

Essential partnerships with major social platforms

A streamlined, professional ticketing interface

— Pro Tip

Use Eventbrite to power your yoga events and you will be able to:

Keep yogis coming back to your events with email marketing

Keep your yogis up-to-date with automated email marketing. Sync your Eventbrite account with MailChimp, Constant Contact, Emma, and more to make sure repeat attendees never miss a chance to practice.

Make buying tickets a stress-free experience on Facebook and Instagram

Let buyers complete their purchase in the app where they discover your event, like Facebook or Instagram. Seamless checkout can help you drive attendance — without spending any budget.

Make your yoga event stand out in search results

Yogis are searching for a unique experience — so make sure they find yours. Eventbrite’s industry-leading domain authority can help you appear higher in search and drive more potential attendees from Google to your event page.

Don’t wait — get your yoga business out there

Yoga is your passion, and it’s about to become your profession, too. By laying a practical foundation informed by the latest data on what yogis want, you’re ready to turn what you love into how you make a living.

Ready to get your event out there?