Solway November Rejuvenation Program

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Change Your Diet. Change Your Life.
The Rejuvenation Program.

With this 21-day detox plan, you will rejuvenate your health, reset your system, and reap the benefits of real, whole foods!

The Rujuventation Program is a powerful yet gentle detox that will help you identify and remove food triggers and increase the healing nutrients in your diet.

This program is for everybody. The Rejuvenation Diet has helped people with chronic health problems such as diabetes or autoimmune disorders, people who are fatigued or suffer from migraines or want to lose weight, people who just want some creative inspiration for their meal planning and so many others.

We’ll guide you through the program. You’ll find that creating healthy, beautiful, satisfying meals can be an empowering experience that enriches our lives as well as our bodies.

If this is your first detox/elimination/rejuvenation diet, it can be a transformational experience for your body and soul.

If you have done a similar program before, you can learn more about your personal dietary issues. Our bodies and systems are dynamic and often changing; things that your body has been able to handle can turn into a trigger.

  • a 2-day preparation guide
  • meal plan for 21-day detox
  • guidance through elimination diet
  • community support for the entire 21 days
  • a guide to reintroducing foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

What people report:

  • weight loss
  • decreased symptoms of chronic health issues such as diabetes and autoimmune disease
  • increased energy and alertness
  • decrease in headaches and joint and muscle pain
  • improved digestion
  • clearer skin including eczema and acne
  • improved mental health
  • reduced allergic reactions
  • discovery of personal food triggers
  • better sleep habits

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