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Feeling lost? This two-day workshop will help you rediscover who you truly are in three areas: Progress * Mindfulness * Motherhood.

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EMonica Packer is hosting this intensive workshop to help guide women towards rediscovering who they really are and better move towards to who they want to become. With Monica and guest teachers Kim Christenson and Rachel Nielson, participants will overcome what is holding them back from embracing their true selves in all things PROGRESS, MINDFULNESS, and MOTHERHOOD.

Forget being packed in like sardines at a speaking event! This is a real WORKshop where a small group of attendees will be equipped with instruction and tools that guide to more in-depth learning and real, actionable takeaways.

We are committed to creating an intimate environment where women can truly connect with each other, with the material, and with their inner selves. You will be expected to participate at a higher level, and as a result our goal is to promote exponential growth in those three areas.

See below to learn what is included in the workshop, what the classes will entail, the schedule, and more information about the host and guest teachers. The event will be held at a private home in Draper, UT, and the address will be supplied with the e-ticket.

Workshop Pricing: $249

--Use code “JULY” to save $50 during the month of July--

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  • THREE in-depth classes, on THREE essential topics, by THREE experienced instructors over a TWO day, 24-hour period
  • A spiral-bound WORKBOOK including presentation slides, lessons, and space for you to respond to prompts and take notes.
  • One GIFT BAG worth ~ $100 for EACH participant (look on @aboutprogress leading up to the event to see what the gift bag will include!)
  • GIVEAWAY BASKETS that include products from our sponsors, to be given out via drawing to a few participants
  • FOOD!

Healthy snacks, treats, and drinks will be supplied throughout

Dinner from Even Stevens on day one

Lunch from Cubby's on day two

  • Access to a private Facebook group where attendees can continue to support each other, use accountability, and receive needed guidance



Day One:


“Get Over Yourself: Ditch Perfectionism, Own Your Gifts, and Make Progress” by Monica Packer

Whether or not you are the stereotypical overachieving or the more-common underachieving perfectionist, the biggest obstacle to better discovering and embracing your unique gifts is YOU.

In this 4+hour workshop (with dinner in the middle!), Monica will teach what perfectionism really is, why it's not a worthy trait, what damaging effects it's taking, and how to overcome them so you can progress in building a life that is messier, yes, but a whole lot more fulfilling. You'll leave with solid takeaways of what gifts you have to start with and the steps you're going to take to start growing and moving forward to a better “you!”

Day Two: (Dress comfy--yes, the whole time!)


“Simple Practices for a More Peaceful, Present, Fulfilling Life” by Kim Christenson

In our distracted, digital world, mindfulness is more important than ever. Kim's two-hour class will help you learn what mindfulness is, why it's so important, and how to easily incorporate it into your life and home.

This workshop will help you use mindfulness practices like expressive writing to process your feelings, ease anxiety and hone in on your true priorities. She'll teach you mindset techniques to overcome negative thought patterns, access calmness during your most trying moments, and to discover and live your wildest dreams. Kim will share her tips for finding a mindful balance with the social media world and helping our kids learn to do the same. Kim will also lead a restorative yoga practice for ALL levels. Wear comfy clothes, and be ready to come away feeling calm, confident, and inspired.


“How to Be the Mom You ARE, Instead of the Mom You Think You Should Be” by Rachel Nielson

Rachel Nielson oftens jokes that she is not a counselor, but she has been to a lot of counseling. Shortly after she became a mother, she realized that she had deep-seated anxiety, guilt, and perfectionism that needed to be worked out with professional help. In the seven years since, she has come to truly love the woman that she is, instead of always pining after the woman that she wishes she "could be."

In this two-hour class, Rachel will walk you through some of the most effective exercises that she has done with therapists, to help you identify your true gifts and passions, as well as your hidden shames and insecurities (and they are always different for every woman!). She will also lead you in a practical brainstorming session of how to "troubleshoot" the stressful areas of your life, so there's more space for you to thrive. You will leave the class with an action plan for finding more authentic joy in your motherhood experience, by being more authentically YOU.

Rachel is obsessed with tangible takeaways and memorable stories--and you can be sure the class will be filled with both.



-Day One-

4:00 PM: First half of Monica’s class on PROGRESS

6-6:30 PM: Dinner + mingle

6:30-9:00 PM: Second half of Monica’s class

-Day Two-

8 AM: Optional easy hike near the event’s location

10 AM - NOON: Kim’s class (including yoga) on MINDFULNESS

NOON: Lunch + mingle + wander outside with notebook for introspection and note-taking

1 PM: Rachel’s class on MOTHERHOOD

3 PM: Mastermind forum, where Monica will facilitate a group-think on participants’ questions/personal struggles and work to guide on applying the workshop’s instructions into real, meaningful ways.

4 PM: Hug and go home!!



Monica Packer is a podcaster, writer, and recovering perfectionist at “About Progress.” She is a wife and mother of four young children, living in the San Francisco East Bay. Monica is passionate about empowering women to find, develop, and own their own gifts by refusing to be held back by their fears of imperfection. Monica is a former middle school English and History teacher, has always been obsessed with Oprah, and loves to bore people with her tales of recently learning how to swim. You'll almost always find cookie dough in Monica's fridge and a musical blaring from her speakers. You can find more about Monica and her podcast, coaching, and community at


Kim Christenson is a freelance writer, journalist, and book-loving mom. She shares book recommendations, writing prompts, and articles on motherhood and mindfulness online at Talk Wordy to Me, and as a contributor on KSL’s Studio 5. Kim believes in the importance of using social media and technology for good, but not in a way that distracts or detracts from the most important things in life. Kimberly is co-founder of Loom Journals, a revolutionary parent-child journal that fosters mindfulness and screen-free connection and development. She is currently working on a novel inspired by her visit to a picturesque English village, and a non-fiction account of her adventures living in Australia for four years. Kimberly is a fan of BBC dramas, yoga, ice cream, traveling the world, simplifying her life and home, and encouraging other women to live their dreams.


Rachel Nielson is the host of the popular parenting podcast 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms, which features 3 actionable takeaways for parents in each 30-minute episode. She loves summer bonfires, wild dance moves, and heart-to-heart conversations with just about anyone. Rachel is a former high school English teacher who now stays home with her two firecracker children, Noah and Sally. Parenting has been Rachel's greatest learning adventure, and it stretches and teaches her daily. Her podcast listeners say that they love Rachel's show because they can tell she is learning right alongside them. Rachel can't wait to share her heart and her signature "takeaways" at the Rediscover You Workshop.


REFUNDS will not be accepted after September 15th, but you may transfer your ticket to another name. Thank you!

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