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Using a clear, science-based approach, learn how to use your unique personality to elevate work-related interactions and performance.

About this Event


Science notes that 60% of personality is inherited while 40% comes from environmental elements. This virtual workshop will improve how you use your 60%!

Using The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ assessment, you will receive practical, scientifically valid and reliable insights about the inborn personality traits guiding your work-related behaviors and interactions.

Remember, your “workplace” is not the only place where you actually “do work”.

Regardless of whether you are a c-suite executive, a manager, a managee, a volunteer with a civic or community organization, a student, a member of a choir or dance ensemble, or an active PTA parent, we all have work to do at some point and our unique personality traits guide the behaviors that can either help or hinder our workgroup dynamics.

Learn in language that is simple and clear, how to better understand the behaviors of employees, managers, colleagues, friends, associates, and YOURSELF in your day-to-day encounters, and how to propel your performance to the next level.🚀

About The Workshop

What you will Learn:

In this Performance Booster training you will learn more about your inborn behavioral tendencies and preferences, as well as your natural strengths and blind spots. Then you will receive the tools needed to apply that information to your real life.

You will Uncover:

🔷 The degree to which you respond to stress

🔷 The degree to which you tolerate sensory stimulation from people/situations

🔷 The degree to which you are open to new ways of doing things

🔷 The degree to which you defer to others

🔷 The degree to which you push towards your goals

🔷 Additional themes in your life including: career, emotional intelligence, independence, leadership, relationships, safety and health, and values.

What’s Included:

🔷 2 hours of LIVE, interactive online training with Dr. Melanie Gallo

🔷 The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Assessment—You will be emailed a link to take the assessment prior to the workshop.

🔷 The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Trait Report—The Trait Report provides a graphical analysis of an individual’s five supertraits and 23 subtraits. You will receive this report via email along with your assessment results.

🔷 The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Narrator Report—The companion Narrator Report provides a customized narrative of an individual’s scores and insights into scores as they relate to themes such as leadership, emotional intelligence and values. You will received this report via email along with your assessment results.

🔷 The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Workbook— You will receive this in pdf format along with your reports and assessment results.

🔷 Exclusive followup coaching opportunity with Dr. Melanie

You will Leave with:

An action plan for boosting your performance in the areas where your scores are not necessarily in the ideal range. Remember, 60% of personality is inherited so instead of trying to change it, we develop a strategy to work around it.

About The Assessment

What is The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ ?

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ is a personality assessment based on the Five-Factor or “Big Five” Model of personality which links the big five traits to body chemistry and hormones. The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ defines personality through five distinct dimensions called supertraits which include: (1) Need for Stability,(2) Extroversion, (3) Originality, (4) Accommodation, and (5) Consolidation, along with 23 other sub-traits.

How is this Assessment Different?

Different from type-based instruments, a five-factor model based assessment provides users with a specific position within a series of personality traits, offering increased precision in interpretation. It’s considered the gold standard of personality measurement by psychologists, researchers, and organization leaders.

Benefits of this Assessment:

✅ Grounded in the latest personality science

✅ A simple approach to understanding complex human behavior

✅ Respected—used by Center for Creative Leadership, Adventist Health System, The London School of Economics and Political Science, Clariant, and various other industry leading organizations

✅ Psychometrically valid and reliable.—Reliable assessments are proven to get consistent results when the tests are repeated. Valid assessments have the ability to accurately predict what they claim to predict.

✅ Complies with International Test Commission Standards, Equal Opportunity Commission, and Americans with Disabilities Act, and is approved for use in hiring by employement attorneys

✅ Clear and easy to use—15 minutes to complete online, 107 questions, clear concise workplace language

✅ Has been used for over 30 years in 2980 organizations, throughout 28 countries

Your only day-to-day performance is only 2 hours away from skyrocketing to the next level. What are you waiting for?

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Date and Time

Refund Policy

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