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Sales Have Ended

Ticket sales have ended
Thank you for registering for the Online Rasa Workshop!
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Join us for an online Rasa Workshop and learn how to build and deploy a real-world assistant with Rasa.

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Get Rasa-certified and learn how to build contextual assistants

Our online training workshop is sold out but we'd love to see you at the next one! Sign-up here and we'll send you details about our next Rasa Certification Training Workshop.


We were looking forward to meeting with members of the Rasa community at our San Francisco and New York training workshops later this month. However, due to the growing concerns over COVID-19, we’ve decided to move our Workshops to a completely online format. This was a difficult decision but we want to take every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our team and community.

How will online workshops work?

We’ve re-worked the format of our workshop to make sure you get the full value of an in-person event, online. Most importantly, we’ve substantially modified the timing of the Workshops: we’ve combined the two planned Workshops into one, and instead of being one full day, it will now be hosted in 2 hour live sessions over a series of 5 days.

Staff from Rasa will be available both during the live sessions, as well as to answer questions and help troubleshoot in a dedicated Workshop Slack workspace, available to all Workshop attendees. To ensure personalized support, we will limit the number of attendees to ensure workshop participants receive a high level of support throughout the event.

We will be recording the sessions, and workshop attendees will have log-in access to all lectures following the Workshop for review. Workshop swag will be sent directly to attendees, along with the official Rasa certification.

We’ve broken the full day curriculum into 2 hour sessions throughout the week of March 30th:


Monday, March 30th: 10am - 12pm PDT / 1pm - 3pm EDT / 7pm - 9pm CEST

Tuesday, March 31: 10am - 12pm PDT / 1pm - 3pm EDT / 7pm - 9pm CEST

Wednesday, April 1: 10am - 12pm PDT / 1pm - 3pm EDT / 7pm - 9pm CEST

Thursday, April 2: 10am - 12pm PDT / 1pm - 3pm EDT / 7pm - 9pm CEST

Friday, April 3: 10am - 12pm PDT / 1pm - 3pm EDT / 7pm - 9pm CEST


Learn how to build and deploy a real-world contextual assistant with Rasa. The workshop will be led by Rasa experts: Justė Petraitytė, Head of Developer Relations, Mady Mantha, Senior Product Evangelist, and Ty Dunn, Product Manager.

The workshop will cover everything you need to build a complete contextual assistant:

  • The planning and design process for building a contextual assistant
  • Rasa training data format
  • How to add training examples, intents, and dialogues to the assistant
  • How to run end-to-end evaluations
  • How to add utterance templates
  • How to define slots, actions, forms and add this functionality to your assistant
  • Deploying Rasa X and connecting integrated version control
  • How to review conversations in Rasa X
  • Connecting to an external messaging channel

More things to look forward to:

  • Rasa certification
  • Rasa swag

Space is limited so grab your tickets now!


Are there any prerequisites for the event? Do I have to know how to run docker, for example?

During the workshop, we’ll build a real-world assistant from start to finish, which includes using developer tools like GitHub, docker, and Google Cloud Platform. While you don’t need to be an expert with these tools, familiarity with the command line, Git, and the basics of application hosting will help you get the most out of the workshop.

Before the workshop, we’ll send out an email with instructions for installing dependencies on your machine, as well as a pre-workshop assignment to give you a foundation for what we’ll cover. If any questions come up while completing the pre-workshop assignment, we’ll host an office hours session shortly before the workshop to answer them.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your laptop (Windows, Mac, or Linux), with all dependencies installed. We’ll send an email before the workshop with installation instructions.

Do I need to know Python?

We’ll provide starter code during the workshop, so expert-level knowledge of Python isn’t required. We do recommend having some experience with making API requests and being able to read and understand Python.

What experience level is this workshop for?

This workshop is leveled for intermediate Rasa developers. Our workshop prerequisites ask you to install Rasa and follow the Moodbot Tutorial before beginning the workshop on Day 1. While you don’t need to have built a complex Rasa assistant before the workshop, workshop attendees who have already built a simple assistant may find it easier to follow the material.

Does the material go deeper than in the Masterclass tutorial videos?

The material in our workshop covers many of the same topics as the Rasa Masterclass—both are designed to help you understand the full process of building an assistant end-to-end. The workshop offers the benefit of live, hands on support from the Rasa team as you build your assistant, and you’ll have access to exclusive training content after the workshop has ended.

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