New meet up group in Hanoi: Inside Journey. 1st meet up on Oct 28th, 2017

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Boloven coffee shop

opposite to no. 82, My Dinh street, Nam Tu Liem district

Mỹ Đình, Hà Nội

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You prefer to be with people who are REAL to you, rather than people who are just NICE to you?

You prefer to be with people who really want to get to know the person inside of you, rather than your appearance?

Sometime you just want to be with people who you can share and experiment some ideas to see how it works?

You want to be at a place where you feel most free, be yourself?

You hope that your stories/experiences are helpful for someone else?

Welcome to Inside Journey group!
Here is the place which we hope to help each other with our inside journey - the journey that isn't being seen.

First meet up: How is your dream group? Discuss to set up the group!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to first meet up!

Sure that we want to gradually get to know each other deeply and share our thoughts and experiences. But at first, let’s set up our group in the way which work the best for all people! We will talk about all of our preferences and will come to a general agreement of how things should be going.

Here is schedule and content of the 1st meet up. Please prepare your answers and ideas, so we can discuss when we meet. I do have my own answers for those questions and I will share with you then.

1. Basic introduction: your name

+ Did you join similar group before? Did you lead a group before? If yes, how was your experience? Tell us a group you liked the best and what they have done well? What did you learn from it?

2. How is your dream group?

+ How big/small is the group fit you the best?

+ Who do you prefer to be in the group?

Do you prefer certain age? Certain gender? Certain nationalities/hometown? Certain jobs? Etc

Do you prefer people who speak English fluently only?

+ What’s set up of the group the best for you?

What’s your preferred location, time?

How often should the group meet? Once per week? Twice per month?

Where do you prefer to meet the most? Coffee shop/private house?

How long is the time of the meet up fit you the best? (1 hour/2 hours/3 hours)

Would we need or projector in case we would have powerpoint presentation?

+ Coming to the group, what’s your transportation? Is there anything we can help/need help from each other about transportation?

+ What’s schedule/content of the meet up fit you the best?

Should we include 15 minutes of ice-breaking game?

Should we do follow up with the content of the last time we meet?

Should we summarize for people who didn’t come last time about what happened?

+ What’re responsibilities of each person joining the group?

Should the group leader make decision on where to meet, what to discuss all the time?

Or should we rotate the right to be the leader?

+ Rule and regulations in the time of meeting?

Can we use our cell phone in the time of meeting?

Should we take pictures/record audio/video in the time of meeting?

+ If a member of the group has conflict/misunderstanding/unspoken thing with another member of the group, who should he/she talk to?

+ Withdrawal from the group: what does a member should do if he/she want to withdraw from the group?

+ Keeping in touch after the meet up? By which channel? (Facebook/email?) Should we write summarize of the meet up after each meet up? If yes, who?

How to manage the common channel to keep in touch?

+ How should we promote the group for other people?

+ New member policy: what should we do with new member joining? Should anyone introduce to the new member everything about the group (history, member, purpose)?

+ What are your talent/interest which can contribute to the group?

+ What is your purpose in the group? How can the group help you?

+ What are the ultimate values of the group? And what is the ultimate purpose of the group?

3. Open for ideas/suggestions

  • Location: Boloven coffee shop. It’s a coffee shop near My Dinh bus station, on My Dinh street and opposite to no. 82 My Dinh street.
  • Time: 7pm Oct 28th, 2017
  • Registration: Email to Khuyen at

There is space to park motorbike, we will meet inside of 1st floor.

Drinks here are mostly tea and coffee, with price range from 20,000 – 45,000 VND

Facebook of the coffee shop:

Call or text me to 0903 882 851 if you need help to find the place.

Please register with your name and phone number!

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Date and Time


Boloven coffee shop

opposite to no. 82, My Dinh street, Nam Tu Liem district

Mỹ Đình, Hà Nội

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