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Networking in Silicon Valley / Mission2Mars Academy Webinar

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In Silicon Valley your network means everything. You network identifies your success - your chances to land on your dream job, raise money for your startup or source that unicorn deal.

Networking is the secret sauce of the innovative culture of SIlicon Valley.

Talented people come to Silicon Valley from all corners of the world to pursue their dreams and become a part of this unique innovative culture.

Silicon Valley is famous as a land of tech guys, coders, geeks and computer nerds, and while coding is a very important language that will help you perform well at your job, its the language of in person communications that will open new doors for you, facilitate your introductions to the right people, help you get right business connections and friends.

But what it really takes to be able to become “local” and an insider of startup / corporate / investment community.

Silicon Valley speaks its own language. And this course will help you to understand and speak in order to achieve your goals.

At this Silicon Valley networking training you will learn tips and tricks that are specific for Silicon Valley culture.

You will learn how to :

Write cold emails and get introductions to Silicon Valley investors and business partners

Present yourself at Silicon Valley networking events

Establish new connections, maintaining and developing your existing relationships

Communicate with potential clients / employees/ team members via Linkedin

Get introductions and navigate Silicon Valley's business/ startup/ venture scene.

Overcome cultural differences in various social contexts.

This practical networking course you will give you more confidence and help develop your comfortable style of networking - to bring you where you want to be - on top of your Silicon Valley game!

About the trainer:

Tatiana Indina, PhD, is a CEO & founder of Indina-Consulting Innovation Academy in Silicon Valley and Mission2Mars Online Accelerator.

Tatiana is a business trainer, leadership & team coach, innovation and technology consultant with over 10 years experience of work with global and international markets, with C-level executives of Fortune 500 companies and startups in Silicon Valley and globally.

She is an author of 5 books and over 50 research papers. Her latest book "CEO 2.0" addresses the problem of developing key competencies for the next generation of leaders in digital age.

As a Silicon Valley Insider, Tatiana is well connected with all innovative ecosystem stakeholders and is the best possible guide to your innovation discoverery.

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