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Cowork South Bay

22519 Hawthorne Boulevard

Torrance, CA 90505

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Learn the Core Knowledge You Need to Build and Structure Applications With Redux. Get Up and Running Quickly in This One Day Course!

Course Description

Redux describes itself as a predictable state container for JavaScript apps, but what does that mean? In this all-day, hands-on session, we will explore Redux starting with the concepts that power it.

You will first set up your machine to use Babel and Webpack; this will enable the use of the latest JavaScript features. You will explore some of the more important features like the spread operator and object assign.

work flow

Next students will cover functional programming concepts like pure functions, immutable data, and collection operators including the three most well known: map, filter, and reduce. Many functional concepts lie at the core of Redux, so understanding them and why they are important is critical to our learning.

Finally you will begin to learn Redux by building a scaled down version of Redux by hand. This will give you deep insight into what goes on inside of it.

You will walk-through Redux's features, available middleware, and how to unit test it. By the end of the day students will have a through understanding of Redux.

React Course

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction

  • Tools

    • Webpack

    • Babel

  • ES2015

    • Destructuring assignment

    • Spread operator

    • Object assign

  • Functional programming

    • Pure functions

    • Immutable data

    • Collection operators

  • Three Principles of Redux

    • Single source of truth

    • State is read-only

    • Changes are made with pure functions

  • Redux by Hand

    • Using actions to change state

    • Creating a reducer

    • Implementing a store

    • Composing reducers

  • Redux basics

    • Actions

    • Reducers

    • Store

    • Data flow

  • Asynchronous Events

    • Async Actions

  • Middleware

    • What is middleware?

    • Using middleware

    • Implementing a logger

    • Async Flow with middleware

  • Unit Testing Redux with Jest

    • Tools

    • Set up

    • Testing Action Creators

    • Testing Reducers

  • Wrapping Up

    • More resources

    • Summary


A Mac or PC with the following tools installed:

  • Git

  • A code editor like WebStorm, Atom, Bracket, Nuclide, or VS Code

  • The Chrome Browser

  • The Redux Tools extension for Chrome


A solid foundation in HTML and JavaScript (some React experience suggested).

Troy Miles

About the Instructor

Troy Miles is a Senior Software Engineer and Lynda.com instructor. He is exceptionally skilled at full stack JavaScript. He posses deep knowledge of the following frameworks: Angular, jQuery, React.js, Backbone, Ember, Jasmine, and Mocha.

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Date and Time


Cowork South Bay

22519 Hawthorne Boulevard

Torrance, CA 90505

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