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LAFD CPAT Practice

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Please take advantage of our FREE Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) practice sessions.

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Please take advantage of our FREE practice sessions for those preparing to take the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT). For more information about the CPAT, click here.

NOTE: As of November 4, 2021, we will only be accepting fully vaccinated participants at this time or proof of a negative PCR molecular COVID-19 test taken within three days of attendance. Please note: The rapid antigen tests and antibody tests are not accepted.

Only the following vaccine types are acceptable: Moderna, Pfizer, or Janssen (Johnson & Johnson). You will need to provide both proof of complete vaccination and a government-issued photo ID (for example, a driver’s license). For evidence of vaccination, you may provide either the physical CDC immunization card (which includes the name of the person vaccinated, type of the vaccine supplied, and date the last dose administered) or a digital immunization record issued by an appropriate state agency. A photograph or copy of the immunization card will also be sufficient. California residents may acquire digital immunization records at: Residents of other states should check their state’s website to determine whether digital immunization records are available. Please note: being fully vaccinated means it has been 14 days since your final dose.

Candidates can choose to take the test in the standardized format with a proctor as a timed event to simulate the actual test or walk through the course as an orientation session with hands-on instruction and coaching from the proctor.

Do not participate if you are injured, sick, or otherwise compromised. Notify the proctor of any issues or concerns before your test or orientation on the day of the event. Candidates must arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment to allow for sign-in and proper warm-up.

  • WHAT TO EXPECT: As always, the health and safety of our candidates and staff is LAFD's top priority. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have instituted additional safety policies and procedures.
  • CPAT equipment, restrooms, counter-tops, and tables will be sanitized throughout each event day utilizing disinfectant wipes and sprays. Hand sanitizers will e placed throughout the sites.
  • SELF-MONITORING: It is the candidates' responsibility to monitor their health and symptoms of illness. Before the scheduled event, candidates who have any signs and symptoms of illness are required to reschedule their event. On event day, they should let LAFD Staff know if they are feeling sick, have a fever, or have any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • FORMS: Candidates must CLICK HERE to complete LAFD's Forms/Waivers before check-in. A link to the digital waivers will also be included in the event reminder email.
  • PREPARATION: We strongly recommend that candidates watch and become familiar with the CPAT Orientation Video ( click here) and the CPAT Preparation Guide (click here). If candidates have any questions after watching the video and reviewing the CPAT Preparation Guide, they will email
  • CLOTHING: Candidates MUST wear a T-shirt or sweatshirt, long pants to the ankle (i.e., no shorts, no capris), footwear with no open heel or toe (i.e., no five-finger shoes, barefoot running shoes, individual toe shoes, flip flops, slip-on, etc.), and no loose or restrictive jewelry. It is recommended that candidates bring a second set of clothing and a large plastic bag and place the clothes they wore on the CPAT course in the bag before leaving the LAFD practice site.
  • MASKS: Candidates are required to bring a mask and are required to wear it upon arrival, and until told by a proctor, they may remove it.
  • CANDIDATE MOVEMENT: An LAFD staff member will instruct candidates on physical distancing requirements, where to stand, and when to proceed throughout the check-in, testing period, and check-out. Signage and social distancing markers on the ground throughout the facility must be adhered to at all times.
  • CHECK-IN: Safeguards have been put in place at the registration desk, and there will be no physical contact needed. LAFD Staff will take each candidate's temperature and ask a few basic health questions. Suppose a candidate has a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, signs of respiratory illness, or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the past 14 days. In that case, they will not be allowed to participate in the event and will be rescheduled.
  • OTHER PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE): In addition to a face mask, the candidate will be required to wear LAFD provided vinyl gloves before being fitted with CPAT leather gloves worn on the course.
  • HAND WASHING: Frequent hand washing is the best method of maintaining safety. Candidates must wash their hands before check-in and when they are released from rehab before proceeding to check-out.




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