Healing Circle Meditation

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Healing Circle Meditation

Healing Circle Meditation Free We connect with Source, The Divine, for healing and nurturing of one's body, mind and Soul. Free event.

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About this event

This channeled healing meditation is your time to connect with Creator Source in accepting unconditional love , healing energies for your greater health and wellbeing a profound sense of peace.

This first Monday of the month Healing Circle meditation is your gift to yourself to be still and connect and receive Divine healing for one's body, mind and soul. Working with The Divine, the angelic realms and Ascended Masters, we consciously connect our soul/divine light , with Creator God for our healing and the healing of mother earth and all life here.

How to participate

First Monday of the month, approx. thirty minutes.

7:30 pm CST

Dial in to Free Conference Call: 667-770-1025

Access code: 488506

About the practitioner

Elizabeth Romo is based near Chicago, Illinois and is a Spiritual Counselor, Evidential Medium, Past Life Regressor, Life Between Lives Facilitator, Ordained Minister and a Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master. She holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology from NIU.

Her career began when the angels working with her told her, " It's time to do your work." A born Medium, Elizabeth has been working with clients since 1994.

Elizabeth has been trained by Dr. Brian Weiss in Past Life regressions, The Newton Institute in Life Between Lives regressions, and energy healing modalities of Reiki and Karuna Reiki, Quantum-Touch and EFT.

To learn more: www.elizabethromo.com 1 With Source

To contact Elizabeth: info@elizabethromo.com 847-540-6977

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