Global Math Week Kickoff Symposium

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Charney Hall - Santa Clara University

500 El Camino Real

Santa Clara, CA 95053

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Expanding Moments of Joy in the Mathematics Classroom

The Global Math Project ( is pleased to host a mathematics education and outreach symposium to launch the start of Global Math Week 2018.

World-recognized mathematicians and mathematics-education leaders (see list below) come together to discuss and share concrete, innovative steps to ensure the widespread joy and relevance for all -- students, teachers, and parents alike -- in deep mathematics learning, thinking, and doing.

This symposium will work to reveal the delight and the wonder to be found in exploring familiar mathematics in surprising ways; to astound, to enrich, and to uplift.

Benefactors, teachers, and all who want to help spread the word about joyful mathematics throughout the world are welcome!

Recommended donation is $20 per ticket (Math teachers attend for free).

The Global Math Project is hosted by the American Institute of Mathematics, a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Proceeds from the Symposium and Kickoff Party will support translations, Web resource development, teacher training, and outreach to underserved communities.

Symposium Schedule (Subject to minor changes)

8:30 - Coffee

9:00 - Opening Remarks by Keith Devlin & Brian Conrey

9:15 - Review of Global Math Week 2017

9:20 - See what generated the buzz: Exploding Dots with James Tanton

10:40 - Presentation: Francis Su

11:05 - Presentation: Tadashi Tokieda

11:30 - Lunch

12:10 - Welcome by Sunil Singh

12:35 - Audience Activity: Joshua Zucker

1:00 - Presentation: Aileen Rizo

1:25 - Presentation: Jo Boaler

1:50 - Short presentations - Scolab, OneOnEpsilon, MindSets, Julia Robinson Math Festival, McGraw Hill, ...

2:30 - Presentation: Nina Wu & Brandon Smith

2:55 - Presentation: Po-Shen Loh

3:20 - Closing remarks

3:30 - Julia Robinson Math Festival

MindResearch - Games from Around the World

MoMath - Midway exhibits

5:30 Close

Speakers & Featured Guests

Jo Boaler

Dr. Jo Boaler is a Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University. She is also the faculty director of which give teachers, parents and students the resources and ideas they need to inspire and excite students about mathematics. She was recently named one of the 8 educators “changing the face of education” by the BBC. Her work has been published in the New York Times, TIME magazine, The Telegraph, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal and many other news outlets.

Brian Conrey

Brian Conrey got his bachelor's degree in math from Santa Clara University in 1976 and his PhD from Michigan in 1980 in Analytic Number Theory. He was a Professor at Oklahoma State University from 1983 - 1997 and has been Director of American Institute of Mathematics ever since. He has especially enjoyed working with the Math Teachers' Circle program for the last 12 years.

Po-Shen Loh

Po-Shen Loh is a math enthusiast and evangelist. He is a math professor at Carnegie Mellon University, the national coach of the USA International Mathematical Olympiad team, and the founder of the social enterprise, an education technology startup providing a free personalized learning platform on every smartphone.

Aileen Rizo

Aileen Rizo is a research associate for The AIMS Center for Math and Science Education, and teaches for the graduate math and science department at Fresno Pacific University. She is currently earning a PhD in STEM Education at Texas Tech University. Aileen's daughters inspire her advocacy work for the equity of women and girls and her current effort to bring joyful math experiences to young children that include origami, coding, and robotics.

Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith is the Lead Mathematician at MIND Research Institute where he designs mathematical requirements for the game-based ST Math® software, defines mathematical schema, and is an advocate for mathematics in and out of the classroom. Brandon has a bachelor’s in math and two master’s degrees in pure and applied mathematics.

Sunil Singh

Sunil Singh is the author of Pi of Life: The Hidden Happiness of Mathematics. He travels all over North America giving creative K to 8 workshops/presentations in schools and math conferences. He works as a Mathematics Learning Specialist at Scolab, one of the main partners of The Global Math Project.

James Tanton

James Tanton (PhD, Princeton 1994, mathematics) is an author, a consultant, and an ambassador for the Mathematical Association of America in Washington D.C., currently serving as their Mathematician-at-Large, and is co-founder of the Global Math Project. He has taught mathematics both at university and high-school institutions. James is absolutely committed to promoting effective and joyful mathematics thinking, learning, and doing at all levels of the education spectrum.

Tadashi Tokieda

Tadashi Tokieda grew up as a painter in Japan, became a classical philologist in France, and works mostly on physics as a professor of mathematics at Stanford. He is active in outreach in the developing world, especially via the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences.

Nina Wu

Nina Wu is a Content Creator for the research & development team at MIND Research Institute where she dreams up new and engaging math experiences for students. Nina graduated from Duke University with degrees in math, visual art, and education.

Julia Robinson Math Festival

The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival is like a math buffet. Students come into a large space filled with tables; each table has a different mathematical activity or problem designed by a mathematician or math educator. Students can move among the tables and work on problems of interest. Each table has a table leader who helps to encourage and support students.

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Date and Time


Charney Hall - Santa Clara University

500 El Camino Real

Santa Clara, CA 95053

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