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The INFINITY Hotel & Conference Resort Munich

Andreas-Danzer-Weg 1

Telefon +49 89 370 530 0

Unterschleißheim, 85716

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Register now to watch the replay: IBM General Manager Rob Thomas and data scientists Hilary Mason and Dez Blanchfield connect with the people pioneering where data goes next.


11:30-13:00 Registration, Lunch, & Demos

13:00-15:00 Live From Munich (available via live broadcast)

IBM General Manager Rob Thomas invites you on a journey to connect with the people pioneering where data goes next.

  • Making Beautiful Things With Data - Hilary Mason, Data Scientist in Residence at Accell, Co-founder of Fast Forward Labs
  • Where Data Goes Next - Rob Thomas, General Manager, IBM Analytics
  • Data Science is a Team Sport - Dez Blanchfield, Data Scientist Evangelist; Marc Altshuller, General Manager, IBM Business Analytics, Hilary Mason, Data Scientist in Residence at Accell
  • Changing Regulations into Assets and Are Your Ready for GDPR? - Seth Dobrin, Vice President and Chief Data Officer, IBM Analytics; John Bowman, Senior Principal, Promontory Financial Group, Henrik van Bruggen, Head of Enterprise Architecture, ING
  • The Biggest Balancing Act: Hybrid Data Management - Dinesh Nirmal, Vice President, IBM Analytics Development, Roland Voelskow, Portfolio Executive at Deutsche Telekom

15:30-17:15 Breakout sessions

  • AVAILABLE VIA LIVE BROADCAST: Engineering our Data Driven Future - Hilary Mason, Data Scientist in Residence at Accell, Co-founder of Fast Forward Labs
  • AVAILABLE VIA LIVE BROADCAST: Get Ready for GDPR - Seth Dobrin, Vice President and Chief Data Officer, IBM Analytics; John Bowman, Senior Principal, Promontory, an IBM company; Rob Langhorst, Executive Project Manager and GDPR Specialist, IBM Global Business Services; Jessica Douglas, IBM UK GDPR Leader; Richard Hogg, Global GDPR & Governance Offerings Evangelist, IBM
  • AVAILABLE ON DEMAND POST-EVENT: Experience where data goes next: Read your customer's mind - John Thomas, Distinguished Engineer and Director, IBM Analytics, and team
  • AVAILABLE ON DEMAND POST-EVENT: Build Smarter apps with Data Science + App Developers - Manish Goyal, Director IBM Offering Management, Watson Data Platform
  • AVAILABLE ON DEMAND POST-EVENT: Mixing Oil and Water: Getting Data Scientists and Business Analysts to Work Together Painlessly - Dez Blanchfield, Data Scientist Evangelist, Marc Altshuller, General Manager, IBM Business Analytics
  • Ask a Data Scientist - Meet one-on-one with Data Scientists from the IBM Machine Learning Hub
  • GDPR Cafe - Meet one-on-one with GDPR experts

17:15-20:00 Reception and 25+ hands-on demos from IBM and partners, plus "Ask a Data Scientist" and "GDPR Cafe" one-on-one meeting area.

Guest Speaker

Hilary Mason

Make beautiful things with data.

If you could have any superpower, which would it be? For Hilary Mason, it’s not a question of if, because she already has one: She uses technology to unearth hidden insights, from how to catch people’s attention online, to where you can find the best burgers in New York City. She has been at the forefront of machine learning, AI, and analytics. Hilary will discuss how your business can use these tools to move from insight to action to competitive advantage faster than a speeding bullet. She is the co-founder of Fast Forward Labs, Data Scientist in Residence at Accel and is the former Chief Scientist at Bitly.


Hybrid Data Management

The most valuable data in the world is behind the firewall. We’ll help you with a better way to manage all of your data for better business results.

Unified Governance

The era of “NO” is over. Learn how to say YES to new revenues and new insights with just the right controls through self-service data access.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Turn data into insights and insights into success. Help the best minds in your business see, use, and access your data.

Data Science

Insights start with questions. Empower the right experts to ask the right questions with the tools they want.

Demo Hall

Experience where data goes next for yourself. Leading experts from IBM, our partners and our clients showcase the most current solutions. More than 25 individual demos will get you quickly up to speed on the latest technology.

Data in the Cloud

Store, manage and analyze data in the cloud. Deploy new services need to manage data where it is created. See how to incorporate cloud-based data into your analytics strategy.

Data on the ground

See how your data platform can support transactional, analytic and new open source application data formats directly. Quickly deploy new data stores in a few clicks, absorb and analyze vast amounts of data in real time and manage your environment from one location.

Demos include: From Download & Go to OSS Application Ready in Minutes, Event Driven Analytic Store, IBM DataFirst Method: Fueling Your Data-Driven Transformation

Data you can use

Find and understand the data residing in your business today. See how to govern its use - to limit what can be seen, by whom and to protect it through encryption. Learn how to simplify your governance and minimize risk using cognitive computing technology.

Demos include: Find and Understand Your Data, Mask, Manage and Protect Your Data, Cognitively Simplify Governance Risk and Complexity

Data you can see

Ask the right questions to get the right answers to WHAT is happening in the business. Then watch business users and trained analysts collaborate to understand WHY it is happening. See how to visualize information to gain insight and experience the newest ways to see patterns in unstructured data. Let Watson technology guide business users through data to find new insights and watch experienced data analysts use precision tools to create advanced visuals from data across the business.

Demos include: Gain Insight from Unstructured Data with Watson Explorer, Forecasting Bike Demand Made Easy with IBM Analytics

Data used to learn

Machine learning has become popular as a means to apply human like intelligence to understanding data. See how the IBM Data Science Experience platform enables you to rapidly build, train and deploy machine learning models in a collaborative environment. Enable applications with real-time scoring for instant personalized behavior. Learn about prescriptive analytics - how to find the optimal way to achieve a business outcome given a set of initial conditions.

Demos include: Collaborate and Innovate with IBM Data Science Experience, Experience the Power and Beauty of Data Science and Decision Optimization


This event is being held at the Infinity Hotel and Conference Resort, Munich. Please contact the hotel directly for room reservations.

Other hotels in the area include:
Victor's Residenz-Hotel München (2 minute drive, 11 minute walk)
Hotel Alarun (5 minute drive)
EriksHotel (10 minute drive - has shuttle)
Leonardo Royal Hotel Munich (18 minute drive)
MaritimHotel Munich (30 minute drive)

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Date and Time


The INFINITY Hotel & Conference Resort Munich

Andreas-Danzer-Weg 1

Telefon +49 89 370 530 0

Unterschleißheim, 85716

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