Expo Icrontic 2017

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Icrontic HQ Detroit

4304 Avery St

Detroit, MI 48208

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It's our 14th annual celebration of gaming and friendship in Detroit! Bring your friends and introduce them to why we save up vacation days every year. The venue is our 1899 Queen Anne home near the heart of the city in a quiet and friendly neighborhood. Tour Detroit, play games, enjoy amazing food, and buckle in for more than three days of wall-to-wall fun.

This year marks the start of the Helium Wars! Really, it was just the first idea that floated into our heads. But don't let visions of pirates and siphons weigh on your mind. Stay light on your feet and we'll have a gas as we compete to see whose dirigible survives year one.


This event is non-profit and heavily subsidized by your hosts. All proceeds go to event costs, upgrading event infrastructure for the future, kickstarting projects, and keeping Icrontic.com online the rest of the year.

All participants will receive a t-shirt with the event logo and an official event badge. Perhaps more!


Events with extra costs are built right into this registration. This is the only signup! Ever! Please read details about each option (including its scheduling) carefully. Additionally:

  1. They are ALL limited capactity.
  2. We'll use a lottery & waitlist at the end of ticket sales to determine overbooked event attendance and refund you at Expo if you are not allowed to participate.
  3. Malty & Bagel Passes are non-refundable and no, you can't buy them later. They're great values, just do it.
  4. If you voluntarily withdraw from an extra event, we will only refund you if a replacement takes your spot.
  5. "Prince" and "Pauper" payment options for non-alcohol extras work the same as ticket prices - hopefully it all evens out.
  6. If you change your mind AFTER registration and want to be added to an extra, you will be put on the waitlist, not the lottery, if we're at capacity. Contact Lincoln.


Tickets will be awarded for participation in sanctioned gaming and other events. Prizes each have their own raffle jar. Write your name on your tickets (use BOTH in each pair) and deposit them by 9 PM Saturday for the drawing. All prizes are donated.


  • Computer (laptop preferred) WITH 10+ ft ethernet cable AND power strip.
  • Headphones (no speakers, please).
  • Cash for food (check splitting).
  • Your own non-liquor drinks (beer, wine, mead, cider are welcome).
  • House guests: Your own toilletries. We provide towels, linens, and pillows to the best of our ability.

No spare computer peripherals or cords are provided. If you forget soap, toothbrush, or razor, we DO have those available. See? Priorities.


House guests MUST read the 2017 Events & Accommodations discussion for details about staying at the house and announce their intent to stay at ICHQ to Lincoln by the end of ticket sales.

Some Icrontic members recommend Courtyard by Marriott in Dearborn, which is about a 20 minute drive from ICHQ. There are also a wide variety of hotels close to ICHQ but hotels in the downtown Detroit area are pricey. If convenience trumps cost, please consider Trumbull & Porter (closest), Doubletree, Marriot Downtown Detroit, or Holiday Inn downtown.

Also consider AirBnB options as many Icrontians have found great success in the neighborhood. The neighborhood here is Woodbridge, but Corktown and Midtown are also both very close and safe areas. If you stay at an AirBnB outside Woodbridge, talk to us about your parking situation so we can recommend your safest option. Remember: this is a big city! Leave nothing in your car, ever.

Chat & Email

There will be a chat during the event at icrontic.com/chat - stay tuned for on-the-fly updates and immature jokes.

There will ALSO be an Expo Newsletter this year, so keep an eye on your email leading up to and during the event.


This is a tentative schedule subject to change, so please check the forum often during the event.


  • The Helium Wars, Year 1


  • 5pm: Dinner Out (Cafe Sushi)
  • 9pm: Smash Bros (basement)
  • 11pm: Overwatch (basement)


  • 9am: Pedal Pub (meet on porch; return noon)
  • 2pm: Giant Catan (yard)
  • 5pm: Dinner Out (Trizest)
  • 9pm: Beer tasting (carriage house)
  • 11pm: Team Fortress 2 (basement)


  • 10:30am: Detroit Dart Club (meet on porch; return 1pm)
  • 2pm: Triathlon - MK8, Mount, Balance (basement)
  • 4pm: CB's Reading (great room)
  • 5pm: Gus's Chicken buffet (yard/carriage house)
  • 6pm: Kerbal Space Program tutorial (basement)
  • 7pm: Rocket League (basement)
  • 9pm: Wine Tasting (carriage house)


  • 11:30am & 12:30am: The Escape Room (meet on porch; return 1:30pm or 2:30pm)
  • 3pm: Group Photo + Duct Tape Challenge (yard/carriage house)
  • 5pm: Catered Dinner (yard/carriage house)
  • 6pm: Carcasonne Tournament (great room) (optional: Giant Catan)
  • 9pm: Minecraft Creative Build (basement) + PRIZE TABLE & BOARDGAMING CLOSES
  • 10pm: Prize Drawing (great room)


Lastly, the fine print: This is a private party and we reserve the right to deny anyone admittance or eject them at any time for any reason. Those under 21 are not permitted to consume alcohol. You must have an account on Icrontic.com to register and attend. Visiting the house during Expo for more than an hour requires a ticket - yes, even you, my darling - and even when less than an hour it requires the advance permission of the house residents.

Date and Time


Icrontic HQ Detroit

4304 Avery St

Detroit, MI 48208

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