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Once again we gather the troops for an incredible adventure unlike any other. Only those who understand the most important objective of life are summoned to defend our sacred goal! We come together to please each other's hearts as once more we all fall in love with our beautiful elements. Welcome to Dunez.

We are pulling out all the stops to deliver another example of an unforgettable experience with our gorgeous scenic spot, bass heavy sound system, out-of this world visuals, and artistically inspired production set.

A stellar line up of some of the best Southern California DJs was very carefully selected for an out of this world synchronised experience. The following honored members were instructed not to take any prisoners.


Ben Annand
Jason Blakemore
Darin Westcott
Jonathan Morning
Rob Bass
Mike Hruby
Amanda Darling
King Felix
M. Lazar
Chill Factor

Chill Factor Opening
Elektrician 5:30PM
Mylow 6:30PM
Goodjob 7:30PM
Rob Bass 8:30PM
King Felix 9:30PM
Wirdowe 10:30PM
Ben Annand 11:30PM
LowKey 1:00AM
Bellhop 2:00AM
Darin Westcott 4:00AM
Jason Blakemore 5:00AM
Jonathan Morning 6:00AM
Thee-o 7:00AM
Amanda Darling 8:00AM
Mike Hruby 9 :00AM
Phoi 10:00AM
LooptyLoop 11:00AM
M. Lazar 12:00PM
Jezzluiz 1:00PM


☆ Massive 30,000 watt SOUND SYSTEM
Provided by ☆ UNDERGROUND(((●)))SOUND



☆Dreamers Apothecary







FREE water all night,
FREE coffee and delicious waffles and pancakes in the morning
by Li_D_Uh the Magestic and John Garcia the Excellent

24 hour campout includes a camping spot and parking for those who need it. They will be offerred on the first come first served bases. We do however, have a rather large venue.
The $2 NPO admission fee including the use of private land will be collected per person at the gate.
Tickets are availble online

5 Pass - SOLD OUT
10 Early bird - SOLD OUT
15 Last Phase - Still a few left
22 NPO at the gate

We are happy to announce that all of our systems are 100% ready for departure. It looks like clear sky up ahead with pleasant weather and sunshine all the way through the gorgeous desert night full of stars and yet a lot more sunshine to follow. We are right on schedule with the departure and the entire crew is very excited to have you on board.

We will contact those who RSVP (interested or going) with a link to receive your precise directions.

The journey time to the site is about 1 hour and 40 minutes from DTLA.

Please stand by for updates.

Please make sure to send invites to all your amazing friends.
RSVP and Share this event page. Thank you for all the love.

=) <8> (=


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