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11月11日 与芝加哥邓丽君: 王一的甜蜜音乐之约

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St Luke Lutheran Church

23W080 Butterfield Road

Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

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11月11号与芝加哥邓丽君: 王一的甜蜜音乐之约


本次王一的个人演唱会是为了完成她的一个梦想,邓丽君是她的偶像,相信也是千千万万人的偶像,邓丽君的歌声陪伴了多少人的日日夜夜,邓丽君的歌曲治愈多少人的心灵。王一将深情演绎,带领大家重温邓丽君经典情歌,例如: 《甜蜜蜜》、《小城故事》、《月亮代表我的心》等多首经典怀旧情歌,让我们一起穿越,带着美好和甜蜜,回到昨日~


助唱与演奏嘉宾 (按姓氏拼音顺序排列):

三重唱: 蒋屏、杨乐蜜、和徐红英 组合混声完美与融洽,有天籁之音的共鸣声

陈潇: 芝加哥通俗男歌手,北美赛区的快乐男声



Jonah Liu: 钢琴演奏,荣获美国多项钢琴演奏大奖






本次演唱会由International Women Associates (IWA), Chicago Arts and Cultural Association (CACA) , 和 Chicago Art Salon 共同主办。

王一此次演唱会,免费观看,但因演唱会门票数量有限,需在网站注册, 注册链接:

点击绿色 REGISTER, 注册即可

This coming fall, in western suburb of Chicago, there is a special concert you won’t want to miss. Elaine Wang, also known as ‘Little Teresa Teng’ will impress you with sweet songs and romantic ballads.

Elaine is a famous Chinese singer who has gained great reputation in greater Chicago area, especially in singing romantic songs. Teresa Teng, who was a superstar in 1980s, is not only Elaine’s favorite singer, but also the first pop idol of millions of Chinese people. Even now she is still an icon in the Chinese pop music. Her singing was described as "soft, sweet, often whispery and restrained. In this concert, Elaine will bring Teng’s greatest hits as well as classic folk songs to all her audience.


‘Sweetness’ (also known as “Tian Mi Mi”) was widely spread on the mainland China. The lyrics were written by Zhuang Nu (1922–2016), who was a famous journalist, editor, dramatic actor, and productive lyricist. This song has lovely rhymes, which make the whole song sweet as honey.

‘The Moon Represents My Heart’ was once described as a "love song with a waltz-like lilt". This song might be the most popular Karaoke song. The simple lyrics and beautiful melody will certainly bring your sweet memories back to you.

‘I Only Care About You’ was another popular song. It was performed in both Japanese and Mandarin. The Japanese version was regarded as the most popular song in Japan in the year of 1986. Teng’s version delivers strong feelings to a lover by shouting out loud ‘No matter how time flies, You are the only one I care about.’

International Women Associates (IWA) is a Chicago-area forum that connects women with diverse international backgrounds. Members put global understanding into practice through programs offering education, support, and service. IWA enriches the lives of members through participation in shared experiences that encourage cross-cultural exchange and friendship. This concert is a pre-heat event for 2018 IWA China Gala.

Chicago Arts and Cultural Association (CACA) is a not-for-profit organization which facilitates professional opportunities, such as workshops and events, for artists, designers, musicians, performers, teachers, and students in visual and performing arts. CACA helps them to accumulate professional and culturally enriching experiences.

Chicago Art Salon is a social group in Chicago. The group members are either artists or art lovers. Chicago Art Salon provides opportunities for group members to exchange ideas on arts, holds quarterly social events, and arrange group tours to exhibitions in Chicago.

The concert is free and pre-registration online is needed.

Registration link:

See you on November 11th, 2017 and we will enjoy romantic concert together.

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Date and Time


St Luke Lutheran Church

23W080 Butterfield Road

Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

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