Senior Software Engineer, Eventbrite

Seeking Employee #1 to join founders at fast growing and profitable Internet start up based in the San Francisco Bay Area

We are looking for an exceptional senior software engineer to join our team. We offer an innovative event ticketing and registration service. Experience with Python, MySQL, Apache, AJAX, and an eye for great design and functionality are all needed for this position. Responsibilities will include development of new product features, product enhancements, integration with external websites, API development, and database management.

• BS/MS/PhD in CS or equivalent.
• Knowledge in Python or strong background in other object oriented languages.
• Expertise in web technologies (HTML, XML, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, templating, etc.)
• Expertise in developing using MySQL databases.
• Familiarity with API-oriented web technologies preferred.
• Experience with Apache web server programming preferred.

• Some web design experience a plus.
• Demonstrated ability to work independently as part of a small team.