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Meet the Britelings

The Britelings are a varied bunch. The team embodies the wide spectrum of events on Eventbrite—from musicians to marathon runners, foodies to fundraisers. The thing that unites us is our dedication to helping people get together to share the things they are excited about. That's what gets us out of bed and excited to come to work to continue building an innovative platform that supports shared experiences.

Executive Leaders

  • Kevin Hartz

    Kevin Hartz

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Kevin is the CEO and Co-Founder of Eventbrite. A lover of athletics and adventure, he has hurt himself skiing with the Britelings, playing basketball with the Britelings, and drinking beer with the Britelings.

  • Julia Hartz

    Julia Hartz

    Co-Founder & President

    Julia spends her day focusing on the happiness, productivity, and growth of the team at Eventbrite.

  • Renaud Visage

    Renaud Visage

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Renaud works day in and day out on making the Eventbrite platform a global phenomenon. When he's not coding, he can be found capturing photos around the world.

  • Randy Befumo

    Randy Befumo

    VP of Strategy

    As a former Director of Research at Legg Mason Capital Management, Randy brings two decades of investment experience to his new role at Eventbrite.

  • Nels Gilbreth

    Nels Gilbreth

    VP of Finance

    Nels and his team make sure our risks are being mitigated, our bar charts are as colorful and informative as possible, and the dollars come in and go out as they should.

  • Tamara Mendelsohn

    Tamara Mendelsohn

    VP of Marketing

    Tamara spearheads the marketing team at Eventbrite, where she helps guide the brand, acquire and delight new users, and build a growing community of event organizers and attendees.

  • Dana Kilian

    Dana Kilian

    VP of Customer Experience

    Dana ensures Eventbrite's customers are fanatically happy with our service and support. She will watch anything on the Bravo network, and (secretly) loves cheesy love songs.

  • Pat Poels

    Pat Poels

    VP of Engineering

    Pat leads the world-class engineering team at Eventbrite. As a past professional poker player, he believes his lucky streak is still going strong.

  • Matt Rosenberg

    Matt Rosenberg

    SVP of Sales and Business Development

    Matt leads sales for Eventbrite, focusing on the strategy and growth of our global sales and business development. Matt is a passionate world traveller, and owns an impressive number of travel books.

  • Pat Poels

    Mark Rubash


    When Mark was 10 years old he aspired to be a dairy farmer on his Uncle's farm. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect to grow up to be Eventbrite's invaluable money guru.