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Zuyapa Jackson

Zuyapa Jackson is an energy healer, spiritual councilor, and meditation teacher seeing clients both 1:1 and in groups. She helps people to bring forth the power of their Spirit for more freedom in life, more love in their hearts, more vitality and restful nights, purpose driven career success and healthy harmonious relationships. They learn new ways of experiencing radical self love, self respect  and appreciation for themselves and others, while being active and purposeful in creating the life they want to live.  

Zuyapa has over 15 years working with people and organizations to craft creative solutions that maximize individual and collective potential and encourage courageous authenticity. 

She bravely left the corporate world in 2004 for an adventure in South Africa which catapulted her onto her own journey of self discovery and empowerment.  Followed by a broken heart, bouts with depression and digestive health issues she learned the art of healing with energy, clear awareness and inner empowerment. When people who met her began asking for the secret to her calm and graceful power, she turned her lessons into her offering.

 Most recently, Zuyapa has expanded into women’s based mentoring and programming to support the re-emergence of feminine power. 

She is an Initiate in the Lineage of King Solomon, an Initiated Celtic Shaman, a 2nd Step Ritual Master, Reiki practitioner (Master Level),  Kabbalist and the creator of a fun company called Wild Wish Kit, LLC. She enjoys singing, flying, floating and flipping in silk hammocks, and creating things with her hands. 

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