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We’ve all wanted to be at the right place at the right time… and some of us have had it, but what you do once you get it is what matters. Victor Battle grew up playing basketball, He played through college, and graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice. He was working as a school teacher in North Jersey and on his day off was hanging in New York and as he was passing a building a guy came out and asked “Are you here for the casting?” Of course Vic being the guy to give anything a shot, said ‘yeahhh..’, he went in, auditioned, and left… A week later, he got a call at the school and was asked if he was available to do a fashion show. So having no clue what he was getting into, he said ‘yeahhh..” When he walked into the fashion show with  Tyson Beckford, Gary Dourdan, Boris Cojo and these other models he had only seen on TV. The bright lights and runway are a world apart from his normal chalk boards and hall passes. As always he put on his game face, went out and did his thing. After the show, Tyson gave him the phone # to Jeffrey Tay of Essence magazine, who he called, then met, and shortly later was in a put in 5 page spread in Essence Magazine. He then moved to  HOLLYWOOD  met Joe Kolkowitz, agent for sports stars like OJ Simpson and Marcus Allen. Victor was on the Jay Leno show with David Robinson, and was on Magic Johnson and Jamie Foxx show as well as many other direct booked events.
One day he got a call from Joe to audition for a ‘big commercial’, he showed up wearing a shirt of Michael Jordan his friend has just given him. A week later he got a call back and it was Victor’s turn to ‘be like Mike’, he was going to Africa to body double for Jordan in a Gatorade Commercial. Victor’s life a school teacher had ended, and his life in entertainment had begun. He has always said ‘Some guys got to go to the NBA, I got to do this…I will Have my own League in the NBA success comes from what you do with what you were given, don’t try to be someone you aren’t, it just won’t happen.” It’s been over 15 years since Victor’s career in the entertainment , Since then he’s been in countless music videos, commercials, movies, and print ads. Photographer Richard Corman  Shot Victor for  Glory Photographs of Athletes which has Muhamad Ali , Jordan Ken Griffey  are some of the Athletes that grace the pages Victor is the Street Baller in the book. , He has been on the shopping bags at Nike Town to the magazines of American Airlines, you will still see his ’stock’ photography today being used worldwide. One recent visit to a sporting goods store, his image in a 5′ x 5′ poster was hanging over the basketball rack some 13 years later. He was recently photographed by Antonio Alvendia, of Cipher Media Group, an internationally known photographer in the Motorsports industry. Victor’s image today, is as strong as it was yesterday, his longevity in the industry is a marker of his passion and success.
By 2000 Victor had moved out to Hollywood to pursue his acting career and as he met more and more people, he decided to start Hoopshots, to help other people just coming into town get into the business. Over the years he has helped many people get jobs in commercials and movies, and has become known as the guy who has all the good basketball players and all the sexy females. Hoopshots has put people in NWA , Beyonce  Leomonade , Steph Curry Under Armour , Coach Carter, Dream Girls, Like Mike, AI, Batman, Chris Brown videos, 50 cent, Cassidy, commercials like Kool-Aid, AND1, Gatorade, and most recently Southwest Airlines, which aired during the NBA playoffs. In 2007 Battle connected with Tem Wu, aka WuManChu to take Hoopshots to the next level. The newest creation is ” Students Becoming Teachers  Study Party’s  and “NIGHT COURT ”  Designed to help the education system in America . Where he puts students and talent on the NBA court right before NBA games, and pays the players $100 for every basket they score, They get  to show their 1 on 1 skills to coaches players and  thousands of fans arenas across the country. During the 2007/2008 season they brought NIGHT COURT  from the West Coast to the East Coast and back again. The 2008/2009 season was bigger than ever, starting with a tournament with the Los Angeles Clippers and introduced THE HOOPSHOTS 100 HOT MODELS . Victor’s life has led him to meet many great people and become a great person himself, his ability to help others become successful has only added to his success. And as always, if you’re new into town, or been in town and haven’t met the right people, his phone line is open, 562-230-2388 ask for Battle. HE Rally takes pride in  Students Becoming Teachers  The NBA  grass roots program he founded    He plans on having a Study Party and playing 1 on 1 Night court  at  the White House with President Obama


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