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The Ideal Candidate

Kevin Davenport founded The Ideal Candidate in 2015 with the idea in mind to serve excelling students who are in their junior or senior year of high school by developing a code of conduct designed to build confidence and strengthening values. These values are critical to achieving success in today’s professional world that are being overlooked in America’s school system. The core purpose of the organization is to positively impact the communities we serve by providing learning opportunities to individuals facing challenges in distressed communities.

The Ideal Candidate’s goal is to increase job rates within diverse communities by teaching skills that are imperative to succeed in the work force by providing a basis of etiquette, table manners, behavior modification, and leadership training that will assist in excelling in various fields. Through the completion of The Ideal Candidate program, students will not only receive certification, but will have a new level of confidence, the ability to lead, and the opportunity to obtain internships and entry-level positions.

The Ideal Candidate seeks to further the development of student leaders by providing a program that upon completion will make our graduates more attractive to future employers. Also, The Ideal Candidate will be dedicating its efforts to assisting our certified students, subsequent to high school graduation, in the capacity of finding scholarships and jobs continuing enhanced opportunity for employment and post secondary education attendance.

In fulfilling our purpose, we seek to enrich the community through the following areas:

Increasing Employment Rate
Behavior Modification
Community Service

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