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The Bee Store LLC

The Bee Store LLC is a popular destination for both beekeepers and honey-lovers! Our store offers a large assortment of bee-themed gift items as well as local honey from beekeepers right here in Northern Virginia! The Bee Store LLC is located at 2230 D Tacketts Mill Dr, Lake Ridge, VA 22192, a beautiful town right in the heart of Northern Virginia.

Our store is a popular destination for beekeepers, gift shoppers, and crafters. We also hold periodic beekeeping classes for beginner and intermediate beekeepers! Our eclectic store offers a large assortment of gift items including our own Sweet Sophia creams, honey soaps, local honey, beeswax candles, honey straws and our very popular honey candy!

Our shop also features a large selection of beekeeping supplies, including honey extractors and an ample selection of protective clothing. The Bee Store LLC offers a wide selection of books for children and adults, on all topics to do with beekeeping and related crafts.

Visitors to our store will enjoy getting a close-up look at bees hard at work in our nearly four-foot-tall observation hive. Our Bee Store staff is always available to answer any questions you may have about bees and beekeeping, and the products we sell. We look forward to your visit!