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Strange Escapes, LLC

What if you could go somewhere for a weekend where everyone shares your curiosity for the unusual or, at the very least, they can understand your desire to seek answers to the unexplained? Strange Escapes is that place.

Our founder, Amy Bruni, knows what a wonderful opportunity it is to get fellow seekers of the strange together in one place to learn, laugh and eventually – stumble around in the dark looking for signs of something ghostly. As an investigator and historian on the SyFy network show Ghost Hunters since 2007, Amy knows a thing or two about the paranormal, and she has proven herself to be a skilled lecturer and successful organizer of paranormal events on both a large and intimate scale.

Every Strange Escapes event will feature in depth investigations of some of the largest, most haunted locations in the United States. Plus, lectures from paranormal notables, television personalities, authors and more. You will shake their hands, pick their brains, and perhaps even sit down to dinner with them. You will learn and see things you never knew were possible, and you will leave knowing that you’re not alone in your beliefs. And if you don’t believe in anything supernatural or paranormal but instead, want the opportunity to explore a different perspective? You will be welcomed with open arms. We love skeptics too. Mostly.

This is your chance to do something a little different, to come home with a story to tell unlike any other. This is the opportunity of a lifetime.

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