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9140 Guilford Road, Suite D, Columbia MD 21046

Creative Coworking Spaces

Root Studio is founded on the principle of enhancing wellbeing through creative practice. Encouraging mindfulness, personal development, and happier humans. Creative practice in any genre is an ideal way to increase cognitive functioning, problem-solving abilities, abstract reasoning, improvisation and innovation skills. Best of all, no experience is required!

With many different facilities under one roof, Root Studio offers a wealth of opportunities for anyone curious to explore the benefits of artistic expression.

Explore, create and experiment in our 5,700 sq.ft. studio space, devoted to a wide range of facilities for artistic production. Have access to professional grade tools, knowledge resources, and experiential opportunities for personal development and wellness. Work in your chosen medium, and try something new such as: painting, photography, graphic arts, computer music production or digital editing with the full Adobe CC suite.

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